Sunday, August 29


I know you all must remember Westlife right? You know... the Mark Feehily, the Nicky Byrne, the Kian Egan, the Shane Filan and the Brian McFadden...still doesn't ring a bell? Hahaha, I know you do, most people have been a fan of this group musician including me since I was just a kid, which I'm still a fan but not fanatically kind of fan. Till now their songs are still playing in my mind. AWW~~ I MISS THEM!! XD

  Old pictures of them, when they first started. Haha, I know becuz
of Brian's hair..

Time by time, their looks changes...

members change too, from 5 to 4..

 If I'm not mistaken, this is Brian's wedding day.


OMG!!!! I miss them!!! hahaha, Westlife has been the music group I adore and still will be..

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