Thursday, September 12

Gloomy Horoscope Night~~

Have a nice 2 hours sleep after a busy 4 days in a row work. As one of SRC (Student Council Representative)  member I do like when we all gather together, well work is work, study is study and fun is fun. There is always time for that and I don't regret my decision for going for it (half of me disagree though). Now at this hour I have no idea what to do, so I check on my horoscope :D I don't believe 100% of what it says but I do agree some of it more like 50% maybe? hahaha, but it all depends on the individual itself though. Its also kind of an interest or hobby for me :)

Let me do a bit of sharing of my sign. My compatibility is Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius, element is air, I'm indecisive and love the word FUN. Have you figure what my sign is? Hahaha, if no well take your time or maybe we have the same sign :DSometimes horoscope do tell us a bit about someone but that doesn't necessarily describe them in a whole. So its best that if we get to know a person before judging them, don't you think so? :) 

We all tend to judge before knowing and I admit that I do that sometime (WE all have) but most of my prediction are correct (MUAHAHA!!) Since I'm the observer type I tend to observe before I can actually talk to a person so basically I didn't judge before knowing, hahaha, I think la. Okay now I'm gonna go to mangafox and continue reading again XD Good Mornite everyone!!

Yours truly,