Sunday, February 19

Unexpected Best Photo Of The Week

Hello readers!!! This week theme challenge for Breeze Model Search (BMS) is 'Fierce Seduction' and guess who's accompany us for the shooting yesterday? Its Suria the Albino Python snake and Amber the normal Python!! I'm not scared of any animals including reptiles, in fact I LOVE them and I can't think of any animals that can make me afraid of them. 

Back to the topic, yesterday, our location shoot is at Lokawi Wildlife Park. As soon as we done with our make-ups, we went to our location for the shoot and meet our companion which is Suria and Amber. When we first arrived, there's a few contestant who are crying seeing the snake and scared to even touch it.

Some of us (the contestant) doing a shoot with Suria and the other half is with Amber. Most contestant have hard time with Suria because she's TOO heavy!! She weights at 13-15 kg and that will be a hard time for the contestant. Thank goodness Amber is bearable during shooting. 

So for today elimination week, the best photo was won by me!! It is really an unexpected and I was quite shocked for getting on the top for this week challenge. What I promise to myself last week has come true BUT to maintain this stats is difficult so I will try to at least to maintain my stats on the top list. Here are my best photo

Tadaaa!!!!! :D (in this picture, the snake is Amber)

And this is Suria..The 13-15 kg snake.

Still, I feel shocked that my photo was chosen as the best photo of the week. Since I had trouble with the location cuz I think that I didn't stand out in the photo (even thinking that Amber stand out more than me) but as what the judges said, what you see and what we see is different. I am very thankful for everything especially to God for his blessings. Not to forget the judges  , the photographer and support from my friends as well. Again here's a BIG THANK YOU from me!! XD I hope that I can still maintain my stats to be in the top list or in the best photo.