Saturday, August 6

Nikon Photoshoot 21st - 24th July

Wow, I've been gone from blogspot for awhile now. So I decided to update me blog cuz I'm quite bored. Back to the subject, a week ago I had a photoshoot session for Nikon Launching Showroom in KK at Warisan Square. Its not only me, there are 4 other models namely Cheryl, Jeannie, Vanessa and Christina. We work our self out 4 days in a row and feel like dying...Just imagine working from 7am to 7pm O.o

On the 21st we had a Culture Wear Photoshoot...

Opening to photog for them to see all the models... Look like
that clothes look smaller for me -_- Anyway, this is Dusun Tambunan
culture wear...(for Tambunan district) 

The models :D

Me and Cheryl 

I don't know much about posing for cultural wear, though I know its simple and elegant..That why I only do the same posses cause if you think bout it, its not suitable doing dramatic pose for cultural wear (that's from my point if view). Hahaha, both of us kurang laku for this day cuz the photog said its hard to catch a perfect picture if you wearing a black attire (but other photog I know like Jeffiejeff can do it just fine). But I do know colours play a role for shooting (read this on net)

There's another said that we don't know how to pose, for crying out loud its cultural...there's a pose for this kind of attire but not much la....Hahah, means I should learn more bout posing :D it will come through experience though :)

22nd, second day for Nikon Photoshoot....The second day is casual wear and culture wear :D

at morning we hv the casual wear, I was about to wear red tube with hot pants but since I didn't hv a transparent bra strap, so I wear a cardigan to cover my bra strap...and guess what its black and kurang laku again this time for casual wear :(  hahahaha

I don't really like they done my hair like this..
I look like bald without the hair flowing in front -_-"

omg..seriously that hot pants make my thigh

I like this pic cuz the heels make me 
look tall...hahahah

In the evening we hv the culture wear session. I change my cultural wear since I borrowed the Dusun Tambunana attire fro my bf sister and she want to use it on this day. So I went to JeffiJeff studio to borrow a Dusun Tindal attire (not sure from what district is this). Hahah, this time kira laku la cuz the attire has beautiful combination colour :D  Some foreigner came by to take picture with me cuz this cultural wear XD

Opening on stage..nice eh the colour :D

I love this one :D

This picture won the Best theme culture :D I'm so proud! XD
It was chosen from 628 photos. 

23rd....Third day of shooting. This third day we have bikini shoot at morning and casual wear in the evening. On this day laku2 suda la cuz maybe its the 'bikini' session..hahahah...but the casual wear is fine as well :D Maybe I just put 1 photos of bikini, cuz you know ppl minds nowadays..some will talk bad abt u wearing a bikini and some not but this is internet so paham2 la...ahhaha

The bikini session was set on waterfront..from 9am-11am, Its like a ghost town there in the morning cuz there's no one there except foreigner who's just passing by...

One of my fav picture :) I want to put one of my favorite pic 
as well..but it shows my skin a lot..jd jgn la..

In the evening we had our casual wear session :D this time casual wear laku la juga..hahahah...I didn't wear black suda (but my belt black, haha)..heheh. I ask for opinion from cheryl and one of the photog who taught us how to pose... So i end up wearing pink cocktail dress..hahaha

Promoting the Nikon Coolpix camera :)

Wrong spelling, should be Dewina..-_-"

hehe, I heart this one!! XD cuz got all the baloons~

24th...The fourth day of Nikon Photoshoot and its the last day as well :D we all worn out through out the days..on the first day we have a smile like this :D and on the last day it turns into D: hahaha...But it worth the pay la...working juga mah kan...lolz... 

Thank God there is only one session for this day and that is the bikini shoot...Picture are more than 2 cuz most of it didn't show much of the skin :) got la one pic yg nampak skin..but don't be narrow minded la k..hehehhe

This is my fav as well :D can you spot 
the flower XD

So that's the end of my post for this activity :) Well I hope soon there will be more modelling job so that I can improve my skill and expand my modelling thingy..hahah, but modelling is just apart of my hobby though :).

Well keep update with my blog okay...Thanks for reading and enjoy XD 

xoxo Cheers^^