Thursday, July 7

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also known as SPCA is a non-profit organization that was established to prevent the cruelty to animals, giving them a shelter for the homeless one, feed them and giving them a loving and caring family not only among others animals but also a human companion. 

Another reason this organization was established is to spread awareness to our communities on how to prevent cruelty to animals as well knowing what kind of cruelty that afflict to these wonderful animals (in my perception). I strongly believe that if we as the society involved in this organization, we can gain more loving and caring value in our hearts and be more aware about the cruelty happen in our surroundings.

Did you know that you can also adopt pets from SPCA? To get more info about this and other useful info's, click this link. Not forgetting you can donate items for the pets  as what they stated in their wishlist (don't forget to check it). Animals is a wonderful gift from God and let make this as our responsibility to take care of them.

 Love and peace to all animals and mankind. :D

Wednesday, July 6

How To Put Follow Button/Box On Blogspot (Classic Template)

Hello fellow bloggers!! I'm doing this post since I'm facing with the same problem while editing my layouts
 .If you are using modern template for blogspot, this follow button is easy to get on your widget site. But if you are using a classic template for example like, you have to add the HTML code yourself. 

If this is the kind of follow button/box you want then you're in the right place.

First step: Go to Google Friend Connect (make sure you have a Google account
to work this out)  then something like this will appear (if you're logged in)

Second step: Click on the 'Add the members gadget'. Then this
will appear.

This is where you will customize your 'follow box'. There will be
three step to customize this box....

First: choosing your gadget size
Second: Choose the colour you want for your box
Third: Generate your code

Copy the code and put it on your template code :D

Very simple right? Now do this on your blog XD I hope this post will be useful for those who needs it. Drop some comment and tell me if its work for you or not. If you have any problem regarding this post, do tell me. :D


Friday, July 1

Starting New School?

After been doing  mostly nothing for the pass 6 months, I starting to get bored and ready to head back to school. Yeah that's human nature about schooling, when you're in school, you wish you're not. But when you done schooling and got nothing excitement in you life (like the days at school), you start to feel going back to school and the same cycle goes on, hahahaha.

Well, I didn't really done nothing for the past 6 months la. I've done something like going for my past-time job usually a promoter, modelling and so on, didn't really have to tell all about it right :P

UPU result will be out soon and its funny I don't get that much excitement (well that's not funny)..But anyway, just in case I didn't make it for UPU I got a backup plan, muahaha, always have a backup plan in everything I'm doing. To be save of course.

Can't wait for UPU though :D

So which one you wanna be in University? :P