Friday, May 6

Graduation!! Graduation!! 2010 Pre-U II Students

Graduation happened a week ago and it still fresh in my minds like it was just yesterday. I was SUPER DUPER excited about graduation day since I'll be meeting all my friends who's in the same badge as me again. What more is this graduation happening day and night! XD I hope it will end slowly though, regards all the fun that I have and the same thoughts from everyone else.

Here's a funny thing, since my hair has the most 'attracting' colours, I have to wear a scarf to hide my blondie hair. So I make my hair as tidy as possible for the graduation ceremony (since its a formal one). Now let's view the picture :D

Graduation (Morning)

Here's the picture when I'm wearing scarf...

There's so many people taking picture so I end
up not looking at any of them..hahaha..But I did look  
at one camera but not the photographer..damn..

Finished the graduation ceremony, what more we people like to do is taking picture with our friends :D Well, I don't bring camera along with me cause I know I'll be so damn lazy to take it out from my handbag, jadi menumpang saja lah sy :P 

Wohoo, picture graduation Form 6 :D I will keep
on taking graduation picture for memories. 
Look at my Form 5 graduation picture...

Can you spot the differences? Hahahah!!

Wuu, and guest what? That's the end of the morning graduation..hahaha, short right? Well, its long actually but only a few pictures of that wrapped the morning side.

Graduation Dinner (Night)

Night was the most exciting time because its 'night', lmao. Soon as we arrived what more to do..PICTURES!! XD

Look a bit chubby here..fats?

The dudez! Well some of the dudez la..hahaha

With the one I love~ XD 

Best buddy in class :D people always saw
us lingering around the school area
and mostly THE LIBRARY.

Receiving door gifts. wow, what an excited
face expression, hahaha.

I perform one song during dinner as well. For fun mah :D
I wanna enjoy my last day with my Pre-U II friends XD

I perform Hero by Mariah Carey. Enjoy listening :D

The chosen students for King and Queen :D
And the result are

Jill and Prince :D Congrats to both of them XD

Finish Dinner..

As soon as the dinner's done. More PICTURES coming :P well what else we supposed to do, lmao.

Long time no see friend :D Hope you doing well.

Teachers and some of my classmates :D

More like candid picture. The guys a having
a great time :D

With our business teacher :D

Candid picture XD

After that we have some more shooting outside the
room. Guess what? haha, more pictures are
coming :D


So there you have it, the Pre-U II graduation. There's supposed to be more pictures but the lazy songs are playing, hahahah, I didn't save all the pictures but from what I can see through this pictures, I know I'm having such fun with my friends. I pray for all friends may their succeed in their own path. GBU!