Friday, July 1

Starting New School?

After been doing  mostly nothing for the pass 6 months, I starting to get bored and ready to head back to school. Yeah that's human nature about schooling, when you're in school, you wish you're not. But when you done schooling and got nothing excitement in you life (like the days at school), you start to feel going back to school and the same cycle goes on, hahahaha.

Well, I didn't really done nothing for the past 6 months la. I've done something like going for my past-time job usually a promoter, modelling and so on, didn't really have to tell all about it right :P

UPU result will be out soon and its funny I don't get that much excitement (well that's not funny)..But anyway, just in case I didn't make it for UPU I got a backup plan, muahaha, always have a backup plan in everything I'm doing. To be save of course.

Can't wait for UPU though :D

So which one you wanna be in University? :P