Wednesday, December 16

Leaf 4 Dead 2!

I'm currently playing L4D 2....and it was
awesome!!!! I can't stop myself from playing it,
can't stay away. Its so much fun killing
zombie and all, especially the special infected one
such as spitter, charger, hunter, jockey,
boomer, tank and the witch.

Meet charger.

This is jockey.


This is Hunter.

This is witch, she always moan, and don't ever get close
or shoot her. She will attack you.

this is tank.

Last but not least this is boomer.

And who's gonna kick all these zombie ass out?

My answer is them. (from left)

Ellis as Himself
Coach as Himself.
Rochelle as Herself
Nick as Himself

I am so addicted playing this game now. I will play more!!
This story has 5 chapter on it and I'm just done playing the 4th
chapter. New weapons are available...and I like it.

Lots of zombie were killed in the making
of this game.

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