Monday, November 2

Live Telecast On Channel Astro 180 (TVi) Kami Bah Ni

Last Tuesday I was given the opportunity by Swepp Academy to be their model in show casting their fashionable and unique product. The purpose for this live telecast is to portray what their talented skills associates can offer for those who are willing to learn and may become an entrepreneurs in the future. I am honoured to be part of this telecast which I got the chance to potray not only myself as a model but also become another platform for me to move forward.

And the session started. Inside one of the studio in RTM (my first time being here).

When our session is on. Mrs. Mary Jim explaining about their new product and beside her sitting
is one of the academy trainer. 

The accessories (MJ by Mus) I was holding is a clutch on my hand and the other one is a color around my neck. 

Appeared on Tvi

My looks on that day:
Makeup by Marcella (One of trainer at Swepp Academy)
The makeup looks just nice and natural :D

After the telecast ended, I manage to take a wefie with Richard Chai,
 the host during the telecast of Kami Bah Ni.  

People who are involve for on the telecast last Tuesday.

I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitute to Mrs. Mary Jim and Mrs. Aura Lee for giving me such opportunity. Not forgetting people who are also involve on that day in making the telecast a success, Ms. Florence John, Penerbit Rancangan Tv, Mr. Richard Chai, the host and as well the RTM crew that present during the telecast. 

Last but not least, any of you who are interested with the accessories and would like for further viewing of it, you may attend the event that will be held on the 7th November 2015 which is My Skills Fair 2015 at Industri Latihan Perindustrian. This program is under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, and also a big thank you to them for giving this opportunity to Swepp Academy. Come and join us there!!! 

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, September 1

❤ Updating the blog: Sabah Wildlife Ambassador ❤

Hello readers!! It has been a long time since I last updated this page, a lot of things had happen such and so far I can say it is good and hope it will get better. Speaking of updating this is also the once in a blue moon time where I am updating my blog skins and all but this time is only the blog skin though. Probally next time I will experiment this blog using skins from blogskins, never tried it brfore but t wouldn't be that hard to figure those html code. Right?

So moving on to the next smal thing to share, I have a very interesting video to share with all of you. This is a video about wildlife and I hope this video won't triger any misunderstanding as I want to show how wild animals are a friendly creature and we as the caretakers should be the one who worried about them and taking care of them.

Hope you will enjoy thisvideo and especially the animals cuteness 

Yours truly,

Sunday, January 4

Miss Scuba Sabah 2014

Hello readers, it has been a long time since my last update! This post is so last year (well, it is) but another worth story to post :D This is my first time ever I got in as a top 3 for any pageant I've been in and I hope I will be able to imporve myself more and win as a winner someday. This is one of the shortest pageant week I've been but each day is full of learning and meeting up people. 

So I get straight to the point, as the final approach there are 3 rounds to go namely bikini (but covered our body with batik from Olumis Batik), talent and finally dress (it's not an evening dress but you will see it soon). And here's the first round . . . 

First round will always be the introduction part

After the first round is done, moving on to second round which is talent. While waiting, a few subsidiary tittles was given and I am grateful and thankful that I manage to get subsidiary for Miss Photogenic.

subsidiary tittle: Miss Photogenic

As the second round started, it was my turn to showcase my talents after a few contestants.

Singing Don't Know Why I didn't Come by Norah Jones. At first I wanted to play sompoton (traditional music instrument) but the sompoton broke and this is my last minute preparation for the talent. But from what I've been through, in the end it's worth it as I was announce as Miss Talent for another subsidiary tittle. 

Subsidiary tittle: Miss Talent

As the second round is finished, the atmosphere started to heat up for the last round and the announcement of top 4. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to be at top 4 cause there are 4 more contestants that are taller than me but I'm very thankful that I made it ( Thanked God :D )

I love this dress but it make my hips look bigger but 
my hips are that big so okay.. 

Top 4 and Q&A session. I recycle my 
asnwer from pre-judging as my topic during the judging is 
the same as the question I picked. I should've expand my 
answer more but its a great experince :D

Lastly, the announcement of the winners. From left to right, Dewina (2nd Runner Up), Jane Ho (Winner), Ikki Tan (1st Runner Up) and Janet Fabian (3rd Runner Up)

All Miss Scuba contestans 2014

Top 3 

I hope that in 2015, there are more to come :D Wish me best of luck!!

Yours truly,




Are you a Mango fashion lover but don't know how to look good with it? Well, here are 3 MANGO look book ideas for YOUR guide. First picture is one of my favourite!! Scroll down for more :D

Every woman will definitely know one of the famous fashion brands in the market which offers a wide range of women apparels to suit every occasion. The Mango brand has never failed to provide its fashionable customers with the latest trends in casual wear, office wear and even elegant clothing. Women can select from the variety of designs which represents their personality and aura. For the ladies who have no idea how to style the looks from Mango fashion, there are 3 look book ideas for women of all ages. The first look is suitable for the ladies who want to appear stunning yet tasteful every time they step out of the house. Select a beautiful blouse and trousers from Mango to wear to the office, a day out shopping or even on a weekday night date. The blouse and trouser match portrays a sophisticated appearance of a woman in the eyes of the public.

          Eye catching look     

The second style for women to flaunt are the casual jeans and tee outfit. This look is known by many to be an easy going attire to wear on a weekend or even hanging out with friends. Sometimes, wearing something fancy limits the way you walk, talk and behave. The casual outfits from Mango are not only comfortable but also stylishly designed for women to feel confident about themselves. Mango casual wears will never ever make a women to look sloppy or messy as the trendy elements make it the best casual clothing anywhere a woman goes. 

Have more casual wear for casual outings. You can even mix and match it :)

Lastly, this Mango look is perfect for the ladies who are always required to wear a business suit or formal wear to work. Whether to an appointment with a client, a meeting or even a normal day at work, Mango formal collection are trendy yet still maintains the professional touches for woman to show off. Walk confidently in style and boost up your work productivity the entire day. It is aid that a way a person dresses to work influence their work mood and energy. Interested to grab your hands on Mango apparels for women? Check out ZALORA to find Mango for women online collection today!   

Perfect for office wear! Love the blazer! 

There are lots more choices you can choose from MANGO at ZALORA. Check out the link above "Mango apparels for women" for more looks! Lastly, have fun shopping at ZALORA...


Yours truly,

Sunday, July 27

Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2014 4th Season Is Back!

Media launch on 23rd July 2014 at Moretune is done and now...

The search for the next golden voice is back in town and this year the champion will walk away with RM 12,000 at the Grand Finale champion.This popular talent search competition in East Malaysia is back for its fourth installment and will be looking to unearth more talented singers from two Borneo states (namely Sabah and Sarawak). The singing competition aimed at discovering new talents and providing these budding young singers a platform to be heard and perform before a panel of internationally renowned professional judges.

Emcee during the launch, Rica.

Launch has been officiated 

This year cash prizes for the competition are valued at more than RM 30,000 including a cash prize of RM 12,000 for the Grand Finale champion. There will be four auditions that will be held in Kota Kinabalu,Sandakan, Miri and Kuching. 

Mark and block the date on your calender :D

Participants are to perform two songs, either in English, Bahasa Melayu or any Chinese dialect. Only 12 selected participant will compete at the respective Area Final. Each Area Final will be offered prizes as following::::

Champion: RM 1,000 + trophy
1st Runner-up: RM 600 + trophy
2nd Runner-up: RM 300 + trophy
3rd & 4th Runner-up: RM 150 + trophy

Judging criteria for Area Final and Grand Final will include:

i. Voice: Quality, Tone (5/25)
ii. Pronunciation: Clarity, Enunciation, Style of Enunciation (5/25)
iii. Timing: Pace, Synchronized with Music (5/25)
iv. Stage Presence: Confidence and Attires (5/25)
v. Overall Impact: Judge's Overall Impression of Contestant's Performance (5/25)

Top 3 of each Area Final will advance to the Grand Finale, which will be held on 2nd November 2014. To prepare for the Grand Finale, participants are require to attend the Diamond Idol Camp at Kota Kinabalu for three days, where they will be involve in team building activities, dance lessons, practice sessions for theme songs as well as video shooting. Purpose of this camp introduced first in CDI 2012 is for grooming and boosting confidence of the grand finalists.

This year Grand Finale judges are:
1. Zchen - Who is a Malaysian singer/ song writer, famous in Asia especially Taiwan & Hong Kong.
2. Marsha Milan Londoh - A Malaysian singer/ actress and 3rd runner up for Akademi Fantasia Season 3
3. Jonathan Tse - Malaysian singer/song writer &Music Producer

There will also be judges during the Area Final which are Gina Mojina, a jazz singer and trust me her singing is good :) and also Stephen Lim.

Judges that attend the media launch on 23rd July
(From left: Stephen Lim, Jonathan Tse and Gina Mojina)

Prizes offered for the Grand Finale:
Champion: RM 12,000 + trophy + certificate
1st Runner-up: RM 5,000 + trophy + certificate
2nd Runner-up: RM 2,000 + trophy + certificate
3rd & 4th Runner-up: RM 1,000 + trophy + certificate
Most popular award: RM 500 + trophy

Together with judges and all partners from Bandwith Magazine, Sparks, 
Visit Sabah Malaysian Borneo, Degree Photographer and 
Hair and Make-up (Audio & Studio). 

The launch invited last year champion and 1st runner up of Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2013 to perform two songs for the guests. 

1st Runner-up of Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2013

Champion of Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2013

Crowd during the launch

It has been an honored to be invited and able to witness this launch on that night. To those who are interested, don't be shy to join, and you can register online at Carlsberg Diamond Idol. Take note that this competition is open to all non-Muslim residents at Malaysia, aged 18-30 only. Most important, read the Terms and Conditions before apply :) Good luck guys!!

Yours truly,