Wednesday, December 5

Ghost Story

Hello readers!! Just to inform that I will be posting about paranormal things that's been happening to my families, friends and me. I love to read paranormal stuff about mystery, ghost etc but I'm afraid of it (haha, silly right). I just hope that you all are reading it and went through the shivering and creepy moment. Thank you for your continue support ^^

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Bon Odori 2012 At University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

First let me tell a bit about what is Bon Odori simply means Bon dance, a style of dancing performed during Obon or Bon Odori. It is also a cultural festival for Japanese people. I will not tell the whole history about it but you can read about it here >>>>> Bon Odori / Obon (source are from Wikipedia).

Finally! I've never been to any Bon Odori festival before so yeah it got me all excited and I even bought yukata for this festival (see how excited I am). I've waited for two months or so for this festival to arrive and here it is. The event start at 5 pm but I got there at 7 pm and I'm truly sorry to my friend who came earlier for the event and she have to wait ( - _ - "). 

At first I was shy thinking that am I the only one who wear a yukata but that seems impossible because there are so many weeaboo (including me) and thank God I saw many girls wearing it ^^ Being me as usual, I saw Sora a character from Kingdom Hearts and I shouted "Sora!' because I'm just excited and take a picture with him.

I was amazed for a glance when I saw his costume ^^
And I found more people who cosplayed during that time. Here's a funny thing,
I was shy when I was asking them to took picture with me so I move my fan and
talk in a tiny voice to ask for picture taking, they (3 of them) left me and gather within them self
 this was the time where I feel like 
Then my sister helped me out by asking them and so we did took a picture after all

Soon after that, we in search for food and Sushi King was the best choice. It's a good thing that it does not rain during the festival. And we're sitting on the grass near the lake or is it a trench, I'm not sure. We bought 3 boxes of sushi and I bought a small one with 2 pieces of salmon egg sushi (my fav!). of course we shared the sushi ^^ Okay, I have to say that I'm a bit proud when the sushi seller compliment my yukata said it was a nice yukata and I said arigatou gozaimasu (thank you) *bowing*. At first I didn't really notice he said that, I thought he was talking to his mates but Azu poke my shoulder then I realize it. 

When we are full, Azu and I went to find something to drink and give my cousins and sister. Then we go around what's available during the festival. It was not much though but we do go to the games section and play the kendama. For those who don't know what kendama is, this is how the kendama looks like 

Azu and I try so hard till we manage to keep the ball balance both kozara and ozara side. The kozara side is pretty difficult since it has smaller surface than ozara. But we manage to keep the ball balance in both sides 

Look how happy and excited my face are getting the ball in balance 

After a long walking, we met back my cousins and sister. There are kendo performance, bon dance (is a must), and a fight but not sure from which club. After 3 hours being there, the crowd are getting lesser and lesser but people gather as soon as there's a band playing and singing Japanese songs. At this time all of us already sitting on the stairs near the Dewan Canselor. At 10.10 we went home.

In the end it was fun as its the first time I attend Bon Odori. What's lacking during that time is drinks and food. At 10 we were looking for drinks but most of it was sold out and we can't even find a mineral water. Food stall should be more because people just like to eat, hahaha. I can't wait for next year Bon Odori though.  

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A Girl Behind The Window

This happen to me 6 or 7 years. I was a librarian during that year with one of my friend as well. There is a new candidates librarian to be chosen on that year and our head of library told us to make a mess in the library like throwing or put the books all over the places and see if the candidates knows where to put it back following the code of each book.We agree to our leader and went to the library and a friend who is a prefect tag along with us.

Our library is just small place, its hard to fit on even 50 person in it, maybe around 20+ or 30+ people is cramped enough, so you can imagine how limited the space are. At first we threw all the books all over the places and even switch some of the books to another shelf. We even laugh and playing inside the library making it feels like a chaotic atmosphere.

Soon after finishing with our duty, we sat on the borrowing and returning counter on the left side of the entrance door. I was busy checking the files, my other librarian friend is looking at some records and our prefect friend is reading a book. Not long after that I saw something unusual on the other side of the window (inside the library, there was another storage room for text books and it was separate with a wall with windows of course). At first I thought it was just my imagination so I didn't really care about it too much but soon that present giving me the creep and I whisper to my other librarian friend "Did you see that?" "Yes, I do, don't talk about it, be normal and ignore her"

I forgot that you can say anything to anyone if you saw that 'thing' so then I do my work as usual but yet the eyes keep looking at me. And every time when I don't want to look and refrain myself from looking, I will still lift my head up and look at her. I still remember that her body only shown till her waist, with long black hair, wearing white kinda robe, a pale face and I could only see one of her eyes (the other one was covered by her hair).

I began to fill uncomfortable but then our head librarian open the entrance door and when I looked back at the window in front of me , she's already out of sight. We go out from the library and tell our friends what we saw. -The End-

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Wednesday, November 21

Fear Factor Takes Over You

"What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?"

No doubt that my biggest fear is FAILING MY EXAM which is in failure categories! It affect in my life by feeling fully regret that I can't reach my goals of expectation in this context, not to mention the pressure that I will heard from my family members and it will lower my confidence level as well. Finding a job in near future is ALWAYS a topic to be consider about. Basically, failing is one of my biggest fear of all. 

This new upcoming show of Fear Factor Malaysia is coming soon in December which can be view from their page Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia which Malaysia celebrity will be competing and conquer their fear through all the challenges. In my thought for this season I want to expect more of an adventurous challenges or an extreme challenges such as bungee jumping, showered with bunch of cockroaches or maybe just a challenge in eating insect (which could also be challenges to some competitors). 

My favorite artist will be Jehan Miskin and Mejar Dr. faiz, maybe they masculine figure could make them go through any obstacle and of course I think they will win it. 

"Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!"

And conquer your fear through the experience.

Tuesday, November 20

Hair Tutorial Video (NO HEAT)

Finally I've made a tutorial video. This is my first tutorial video ^^ An easy way to curl or wave your hair without any heat at all. Natural curl you can said that, check out my video on YouTube channel and don't forgot to subscribe for more upcoming tutorial, okay? Check it out XD

Have fun! 

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Friday, November 16

Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 3)

Third day which is the last day for our job and also an important day which I am late (- _ -) Yeah, I am late about 20 minutes for this day. Out of all day why must I be late at this day, I thought the organizer says to be there at 9 am but then my friend told me to be there BEFORE 9 am. There I was being panic and recklessly driving my way to Alam Mesra from Lido. I'll skip late part..hahah. So our duty is at 9 am waving to all the participants who participate in the X'treme Kinabalu 2012 (22nd International Off Road Challenge). There were all kind of awesome cars XD 

The ceremony start and helicopter was flying filming and taking picture, while my friends and I waving at the participants who took off and give us their gasses came from their exhaust , haha. I think there are more about 60+ participants by looking how much the car pass by. About 30 to 40 minutes or so, all the drivers took off and the morning duty is done. While waiting our next duty at 4 pm, we do our usual job as the model. There were less people so we're not that busy. Later after later we get bored and went to the cycling section to cycle.

The owner let us play with their bicycle :D Mine is kinda high
so I have a problem sitting on it at first but then it was okay.

First we follow the track of the race but not competing la. We were just fooling around and enjoy the ride, this sport is kinda dangerous cause when the race started I saw a guy fall and rolled on the ground 2 times, it was a tragic moment but he was okay. Anyway, we only went for 1 round of the track, it has a lot of bump and high ones as well. So we just strolling around the area and get our muscular picture taken 

- Image by Tony Wong -

Look how tough we are :P

Then we finish playing with it and there's still 1 1/2 hours before 4 pm and what we decide to do? Karaoke of course! XD Everyone loves karaoke :D So we went to One Borneo just for the sake of letting time pass by. 

To be true this bridge is moving as in when you're crossing it,
you can feel it movement a bit. Not sure is it cause of the wind, 
the cars pass by or the material is not according to ratio when it is build.
But anyhow, we crossed safely. Going madness inside the karaoke
room till we almost lost our voice. 3.30 pm and we're off back to alam mesra
for the closing and prizing. And the event has reached to an end soon the
closing has been done.

Event organize by Impact zone which we are under during our job that days.
This is all the crew who are involved and yeah there's us :)

It was a sunny and tiring days and my skin became darker now, hahah, we all do. I really do enjoyed working (exclude the weather). That's the end of Borneo 4WD & outdoor show folks, thank you for reading and keep on reading my new updates okay. See yaa soon!!  

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Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 2)

Day 2 for this event is well, same as yesterday (mostly) but with EXTRA craziness since the Hitz crew was there and giving free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff?! hahahah...I can't recall what activities happen during this day (other than the hitz crew coming) so I'm going straight to the point.

- Image by Jaiman Taip -

A start for the second day

-Images by Edmund Chin-

This is one of the activity that happened on that day,
this is actually a competition and it's remote control.
Such a cute cars XD Makes me want to play it too.

Hitz crew join us on that day for abt an hour or so and of course giving us freebies :D Giving us mountain dew drinks and other freebies on that day but we have to do a challenge game before we could actually get the freebies. Then they are giving free passes for Hitz Birthday Invasion in KK, the rocking zone passes where you are able to stand in front of the stage. I'm not really a big fan of Greyson Chance but I do want to see him in reality (other than media). So with all my mightiness I raise my hand to be in the challenge which is doing an Oppa Gangnam Style dancing. A video was took by the hitz crew and pictures by photographer 

before the challenge begin we being asked to 
dance the oppa gangnam style.

- Image by Edmund chin-
(even one of the crew dance along for the chorus)

When the music started all of us standing like a wooden stick waiting
for the chorus part which kinda pretty awkward and dumb to 
just stand and do nothing. Then two person who are dancers 
dance to the beat and yeah of course I feel insecure for the fact I don't want 
to lose the ticket. And there I go dancing like madness, and I even done
a shuffle dance, basically I just dance anything that came to mind, doesn't mind if its
gone wrong or not. Then BAM I was the center of attention (but I didn't realize
that at first though). My friends started to compliment me and all but my mind
gone completely blank about what I've done then I feel embarrassed all of a sudden 


- Image by Edmund Chin -

- Image by Emylia -

This is the ticket from Hitz.

- Not sure by whom this picture (got it from friend)-

and we're back doing our job, hahaha. Just in one day turn my 
skin into darker colour, now what about 3 days in a row? Haha..

Posing with our umbrella ;D

- Image by Jaiman Taip -

That's the things happen in the second day but third will be lesser than this since our job will be on the morning at 9 am and evening 4 pm for the closing. Well stay tuned for my next post and sorry for keeping on delaying my updates. KEEP READING!  o( > v < )o

Yours truly~

Saturday, October 27

Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 1)

It has been such a long time since I had a part time job back, for this event my friends and I work as an usher and a model (so-so)...This is also the 22nd Borneo Safari International OffRoad Challenge. There are lots of cool and awesome cars (such as Land Rover, Mitsubishi , Ford, Isuzu and another one which I forgot). 

I probably want to own one someday and join the Xtreme challenge since my driving skill is mainly focusing at that, hahaha. Anyway, here's are some picture for day 1. 

(P/S: I do not own the images, some taken by my friend and the photographer as well with their watermark) 

- Image by my friend Cheryl-

This is the first picture before the event started. 
I just like to do faces in pictures .

-Image taken by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Walking around to promote the umbrella and to pose 
for photographers that want to take pictures 
of us with the cars. (Gawd, my thigh has become
bigger )

-Images taken by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

These are some of the cars that was showcased. I'd say that
I love the cars, I even saw Hummer which make me wonder
why involve such an expensive car? haha, but well its their car
they might as well do what they like, LOL.

-Images by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Activity that was on during that day. I even saw all of them
covered with mud but I love to take for a ride as well :D
I ever tried the small one but this big not yet. As for the bike, 
it's apart of the activity as well :) The guy in blue is the Bronze medalist
for Sukma (not sure which year)

-Images by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Apart of our job scope for this event :) I don't really like my 
thigh, hahah, its gotten bigger than before. I often think that
my body berisi suda tp mmg pun, LOL.

This picture is one of the touching picture. Why? The car of course, it was named
Pinky because of the daughter's owner. Here's a story behind it. The owner's daughter
has leukemia disease, she's been going for the treatment and she told her dad that
she want that car to be paint in pink. After her treatment, she's getting better and 
being discharge from the hospital. She rode in the car with her dad which make her so happy.
 But then the disease strike again and she was admitted to the emergency room.
Two weeks after that. . . .  .. she passed away. Her dad (the owner) granted his daughter
wish by paint the car in pink which gives Pinky as the name for it.

Well, that's the wrap for the 1st day of the job and the Pinky story was indeed touching and sad as well. Anyway, I forgot how tired it was since I haven't done any job recently before this. So that's it folks, I'll be posting another post soon so stay tuned ya ;D 

THANK YOU for reading and have a nice day everyone :D

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Thursday, October 25

Freshen Up!! Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Good day everyone \( > v <)/ Few days ago I tried a makeup tutorial and also a hair tutorial... It was fun doing all the tutorial especially the hair (since I love playing and styling hair). Here's my masterpiece from the tutorial

TADAA!! This tutorial is by Jen (from head to toe) that can be found on 
Youtube . CL (2NE1) monolid makeup tutorial from ''Can't Nobody"
music video. This is my side view of the makeup and also the
hair which is very easy to do.

This is my front view (same as the above makeup tutorial). I think this kind of makeup suits me as it brings the attention to the eye :D I don't actually use the exact makeup kit like she (Jen) did, so I kinda improvise a little.

Another hair tutorial I learned, this is kinda a messy mohawk
if I must say, quite easy as well :) Tutorial is from Bebexo (Youtube as well). 

Feel free to visit their channel for more hair and makeup tutorial. You can ask me as well if you want a tutorial by me, hahaha  Joking, but if you want to just let me now, I'll do my best. (>_<) 

I post this hair and makeup on my Instagram account as well and also a nail design/pattern. Feel free to visit my Instagram to follow or just drop by  Till next post, thank you for reading XD

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