Sunday, April 29

The Final Is Here!!!

Tomorrow is the Breeze Model Search final (30th April)....I don't have any kind of feeling now....nervous pun ndak juga, hahaha, maybe bsuk baru rasa kali...Its not that I don't want to win but I feel like if ada, adalah klu teda then teda la...hahaha....Just go with the flow lor..hehe..

Tuesday, April 24

Couturier Avenue Runaway Fashion Show

On Saturday (14th April) BMS finalist involve in Couturier Avenue showcase. 2 other local designers are in as well which is Poprina and Cienna Creation. I love the dress I wore from Cienna Creation..It suits me well..hehe, here's the photos




Clothes for guys are available as well. 

To see the other collection of this 3 designers, click HERE......There are lots of nice dresses :D I really love the 2nd picture dress XD 


Thursday, April 12

Mindset: Food Food Food!!

Nowadays I ate a LOT of food and in unusual amount that I usually consume daily. Usually I ate once a day and having one snack. But NOW says that I eat at 8 am and the next thing I realize is that I'm hungry again after 30 minutes...Da hell, I was eating so much before that. Usually once a day but now it feels like my minimum intake per daily is 4 times and sometimes more than that!!! D: 

If its near the "time" of the month, it would be weird as well cause my intake during this time usually 2 times a day and I still can control my temptation towards food and I don't know why the hell I can't this time.....Please with me here!!