Thursday, August 30

55th Malaysia Independence Day

31st August 2012 marks the 55th Independence Day for Malaysia from 1957. I don't usually include about politic (if it sounded politically) matters in this post but opinion about one's country Independence is a natural human thoughts so I'm going to share what my opinion towards Malaysia Independence. For a start I'm going to brief about a little history of Malaysia Independence Day.

31st August 1957 : (f.y.i - This information taken from Wikipedia)
On the night of August 30, 1957, crowds gathered at the Royal Selangor Club Padang in Kuala Lumpur to witness the handover of power from the British. Prime Minister-designate Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived at 11:58 pm and joined members of the Alliance Party's youth divisions in observing two minutes of darkness. On the stroke of midnight, the lights were switched back on, and the Union Flag in the square was lowered. The new Flag Of Malaya was raised as the national anthem Negaraku was played. This was followed by seven chants of 'Merdeka' by the crowd. Tunku Abdul Rahman gave a speech hailing the ceremony as "greatest moment in the life of the Malayan people".
On the morning of Saturday, August 31, 1957, the festivities moved to the newly-completed Merdeka Stadium. More than 20,000 people witnessed the ceremony, which began at 9:30 am. Those in attendance included rulers of the Malay states, foreign dignitaries, members of the federal cabinet and citizens.The Queen's representative, the Duke of Gloucester presented Tunku Abdul Rahman with the instrument of independence. Tunku then proceeded to read the Proclamation of Independence, which culminated in the chanting of 'Merdeka' seven times with the crowd joining in. The ceremony continued with the raising of the National Flag of Malaya accompanied by the national anthem being played and a 21-gun salute, followed by an azan call and a thanksgiving prayer in honor of this great occasion.

For further reading you can visit  THIS website to read 
more about Malaysia's Independence Day

According to the tittle it said 'Malaysia' Independence Day but actually 31st August 1957 is only meant for Malaya independence which is the West side of Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia) it does not include Sabah and Sarawak yet. What I'm trying to say in my opinion is that Malaysia Independence Day shouldn't be on 31st August but instead it should be on 16th September where Sabah and Sarawak joined in and form Malaysia. Sabah Independence Day is on 31st August 1963 and Sarawak Independence Day is on 22nd July 1963. Federation of Malaysia is on 16th September 1963. It can only be called Malaysia Independence Day where all the 13 states has join together and form Malaysia. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I hate my country, I was just stating my opinion like every citizen of their country do or may thought about theirs. Yes, I love my country no doubt about that and I love my state more, hehehe. Here I will end my story for this post. I'm sorry if I'm being selfish or rude for saying about this and offended people about my point of view. Jgn gitu ba kamu, kan kita 1 Malaysia jd pendapat adalah salah satu langkah untuk memperbaiki apa yg kurang (Idk if this has something to do with my post), hahaha. 

My last message to ALL MALAYSIAN out there who is reading my blog


Have a nice day for this holiday and a safe journey to those who will travel to their hometown or anywhere
you might be going to spend time with your beloved ones XD

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Wednesday, August 29

Words Keep Coming (Sharing My Thoughts)

Now still on holidays which is a good thing of course cause I can laid back at home all day and don't need to worry and face any problems, hohoho (for the time being la). Well I like the part staying at home all day la, haha, though sometimes I do go out rather than locked myself at home :P

Now I'm trying to inspire myself in writing the second lyrics. I do write some lyric songs from previous years but that was an epic fail since I don't really know how to arrange the lyrics back then but I can say that now its getting better than last time and kind of proud with the result of it :) The second song I try to make is more on a happy rhythm, lyrics and song. Too bad I can't play any instrument to help me in making of this song though the music was played in my mind.

Gonna try my best to make a great song that people would actually love to listen and happy just by listening to the music and not what I like to listen it for myself. Once said that 'We sell what the customer wants/demands not what we want or wish to sell' This is a phrase that stated the meaning about what I said earlier. 

Well wish me luck for the next song I'm about to do, hahaha. Since I'm bored and doing almost nothing other than reading novel, I came up with an idea, Thanked God for giving me this idea....Amen

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Tuesday, August 28

Long Time Ago -Please Read and Give Your Sincere Comment-

Back in 2011, I followed a competition (Miss Suria Sabah 2011) and there are talent competition and of course I'm singing ( cause that's the only thing I know : / ) I stumble up on this video that was took during that time...I can sing but not really good at it, I'm lacking in knowing the techniques but there's no doubt that I  love to sing especially to entertain guess :)

If there's an event you can simply contact me to do performance...hehehe

Here's the link to the video.. Do listen and give me your comments cause I need to improve myself :)


P/S : This video can only be seen when you log in to your facebook account as it is only available and uploaded on facebook

After you have log in to your FB account refresh the blog web and the video should be visible for you to watch. Hope this helps :)

-Song tittle: I'm Alive (Celine Dion)-

The mike quality was actually kinda bad since you can hear my voice as if was being cut, maybe the sound system is not really good la. Its either the mike or sound system, idk..

And another song I sing was during my graduation (2011). You can find it on youtube but I just put it here to make it easier for you to view :)

-Song tittle: Hero (Mariah Carey)-

Please do listen and give me your comments about  my singing, really appreciate your support ;D Thank you so much in advance.... You can post comment as well in the youtube comments box (under the video) 

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Kimchi As Your Healthy Food

As we all know, kimchi is a Korean food which is actually a healthy type of food to be consume. I was curious about what kimchi ingredients are and why its good for our health. So connect the internet and there it was. 

Checkout the link to know about kimchi's goodness :D Its too long to explain, if I would the content most probably be the same and I think its better if you read it yourself and gain some knowledge from it. 

To be honest I don't really like to eat kimchi at first. I remember the first time I ate kimchi and my tongue refuse to taste it again. But after awhile eating it and get a hang of its taste and all, it was actually quite delicious..oishii desu!! :3

Plus, my brother is active in making kimchi nowadays and I'm there to be the eaternator which make me love to eat kimchi more. I notice that the longer you keep it (either in room temperature or refrigerator), it became more delicious. Just like tapai (rice wine) the longer you keep it the tastier it gets. I'm not saying that the kimchi taste like tapai la, hahahah..  

Then let us all eat kimchi for a healthy lifestyle :D 

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Friday, August 24

Hey! Say! JUMP Game! (Kinda)

So I stumble up a person blog and I'm kinda stuck there seeing a gif about Hey! Say! JUMP......It was kinda fun so I click on the link and it brought me to another person's tumblr. I'm gonna post it here and maybe you can try and see what your result are XD  Here's how the gif made...

This is kinda fun :D so here's what you gonna do to get the thrill and fun...

1. Print screen your desktop/laptop (capture the moving image)
2. Open the location of the picture

*If you don't have a print screen software you can downloaded it :)

So I tried it and here is my result...

Then I tried again....(ketara ba mau lebih2 :P) hehe, its just a game anyway

Bongge la sy bilang..hahaha

Sorry for my rudeness of the source name.... 

There are some other group that was made by the owner (the owner is from the tumblr source to be exact). 
click HERE to see and find some other group other than Hey! Say! JUMP :) Korean group are also available ;D Have fun guys!! XD

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