Tuesday, June 18

How Have You Been?

It has been such a LONG time since I updated my blog, well didn't really have stuff to share and even if I have I'm just too lazy to do, hahaha. And after a year I didn't join any pageant, guess what, now I did (it wasn't hard to guess, I know right :p).

I have my own insecure level on this and yes I have to admit, I really feel lack of confident knowing that the rest of the finalist having a fair and smooth skin. Sad but true my face now is undergoing process or hormone change where this acne is making me feel uneasy and frustrating >:( 

Sometimes I do wonder if I really should be going and following competition with my state right now, I don't mean to offence anyone here by saying that (Cuz I feel you bro!!) Tetapi seperti tagline gue "Ko yakin ja!!" I hope it won't be a disaster when the pageant week is on an coming near. 

Do give me your support as there are 3 representative that will represent Sabah :D Any updates of the pageant is available on Miss Malaysia Global International page. 

Yours truly,