Saturday, March 1

MGIM 2013 Day 1 (Miss Global International Malaysia 2013)

Now I'm gonna start my adventure and experience I had during my stay in Miri for Miss Global International Malaysia 2013:

From KK I took the same flight as my friend Cheryl and we arrived in Miri around 9 in the morning, well the distance between Miri and KK is not far kinda take around 15 - 20 minutes by flight.

On our way to Miri's airport I was totally amazed with the view from above, it was such an amazing view especially the nature and how big Miri is (and its only apart of Sarawak!!) .Once we reach Miri's airport first thing to do is none other than group picture (like usual). To be true this is the first time I join a competition that involve other state other than my own state (Sabah). 

Soon after that, we make our way to the place where we will be staying for 10 days which is Eastwood Palace.

Welcomed by the person in charge and with a cool beverage. After the short welcome,then our next stop is shooting at Beach Republic (for book souvenir during grand final).The shocking part is, we have to bring our traditional costume, bikinis and other necessary stuff for shooting ON THAT SPOT. Yes the above exact same spot from the welcoming picture. Good advice is NEVER put your undergarment where it is visible.

At the destination, photo shooting is on for booklet purpose on the Grand Final. Hence the picture below, thank goodness my name is spell correctly, hahaha, since people often misspell it. I'm not sure if my body statistic is still the same now though. Oh and the number represent I'm contestant number 15 :D

Combination of all the contestant according to numbers. I seriously wonder why do I have such a thin hair but then again its better than having none at all. And finally the picture below :D

After the shoot, we've been asked to wear our traditional wear. I wore traditional wear from Ranau which is Garung Lipoi, Dusun Liwan, Ranau. And here's the Borneo's girls though we missing two :( Group by group picture is taken, based on our attire Baju Kebaya, Cheongsam, Saree and The Borneo's traditional wear. 

Then lastly group picture like always.

In the evening we preparing our self for dinner (yayyy!!). And its white dress night :) To be true I just love food and I eat most of the food I guess, hahaha. We had our introduction session and one subsidiary tittle has been given on that night. And lastly, guess what? Group photooo.....hahaha.

Marks the end of Day 1 activity :D I'm not really sure if I can keep up with the rest of the days cuz now i have forgotten about it a bit. But I try to recall it. Till next post! :D

Yours truly,