Tuesday, March 27

Breeze Model Search Week Challenge Photos

Just as I promise, I will upload the photos of BMS week's challenge photos. We only done about 6 photos for the week challenge....So here's my final result of it...


On the first week challenge, we're doing a fashion show which is the Borneo Fashion Festival (BFF) held at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. We don't actually have the photo for the first week, but I'll just show a photo of one of the clothes I'm wearing that 

If I'm not mistaken I was in the 12th place for this challenge....I don't really know how to catwalk 
like a real model..


For this week, we're are doing an underwater shoot! Yes, I am excited about this fact cause I've never done an underwater shoot before..hahaha...So here's my best shot 

Actually this photo supposed to be transverse but the photographer rotate it to 
counter-clockwise.....This photo is the 3rd best photo. I'm quite shocked that
I manage to get in top list..seriously..


Third week challenge is be wild!! When they said this I was thinking Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (which is correct)...and yes we're doing a shoot with a reptile, guess who? haha, is the albino python snake name Suria and normal python name Amber ( I did post this week photo on my previous post). My best shot

This snake on this picture is Amber, supposed to do shoot with Suria but she's 
been working with the other models from morning so they switch it. Another unexpected
things that happen is that this photo was chosen as the best photo :D I'm fill with joy
at that time, haha, who doesn't. The theme is 'Fierce Seduction', looks like more onto
fierce than seduction for me.


My favorite challenge!! XD On the fourth week we're are doing a rock climbing shooting....Its like flying on air. But the hard thing to do for this challenge is doing a graceful expression while posing...It was fun though since I like an extreme challenge...My best shot

I don't really like this picture that they pick cuz I've done a shot which is upside down 
but too bad that the clothes was pulled up by the belt and expose my nude bra 
(curse you nude bra). This photo get me on second best photo...


On the fifth week, we are doing a triple challenge. First is the Suria fm challenge where we recorded for voice over, it is done on friday though. Second is a photo shoot for Santola Coffee which is an editorial ad for Kopi Cap Kuda and third is doing a video a video commercial shoot for Santola Cafe . To listen to the public announcement and voice over recording click on THIS video. To watch the video shoot for Kopi Cap Kuda, click on THIS video. For my picture, here's my best shot

This picture is the second best photo, smile is one of my best
featured I guess, lol. The theme is, promoting the coffee (main idea of the picture)
while ignoring the two guys who seducing you. In other words, though you are
seduce by two guys, you can still make the coffee as your number one priority in this picture.
(am I confusing? hahaha, I think you get the idea)


On this week, the challenge is doing an interpretation of one of the 4 local ethnics dances into high fashion. Mainly the 4 local ethnics are Bajau, Suluk, Murut and Cocos tribes. We've been divided into 4 group and each group consist of 3-4 person. I was in Suluk ethnics (which I don't really familiar with Suluk's dance step). Here's my best shot....

I'm not really sure how to make a high fashion pose. My picture go down to
number 6 best photo (not in top list T-T). The reason why I went down is
because they said my picture look too traditional (since they want it in 
high fashion, can't argue with that). Felt really down when this is the result. 
But gonna keep moving on no matter how bad it is...


Week 7 is the talent night competition. Well, obviously we're showing our talent. On that day, I was playing sompoton, singing and a bit dancing...So its like a triple talent (boleh la..haha). Here are some photos..

The sompoton picture just came out from fb..hehehe, here you go 

First I was playing the sompoton, then singing.
And here are the seven finalist for Breeze Model Search 2012

From left: Samantha, Devy, Nancy, Suci, Katy, Dewina, Azlina


For those who got through to the finals, we have another challenge but sadly I can't make it tho this week 8 challenge because of some circumstances. :(

That's all I think for now...hehehe, who knows if there will be another challenge to come. Thank you all for reading this and to those who support this event! Have a nice day everyone!! XD


Friday, March 9

Posting Pictures Of BMS

Hey Hey Hey!!! I want to post the pictures from all the week's challenge for Breeze Model Search (BMS) but i think I should do it later, where I can post all the pictures at once. Right now I'm gonna see how far I can make it in this competition. Will I rise? Will I fall? Or will I keep maintaining? That's the frequent question played on my mind.

But no matter what it is...I'll have to keep up and do my best for every challenge. I'll post the pictures once the competition is over or if I get eliminated (hope I won't)..hehehe, wish me luck!!