Wednesday, June 27

The Alter Ego Inside Of me

Suddenly I feel like wanting to post about my alter ego (I have the time anyway), I believe everyone has one. Here's my share of thought and le alter ego...We all have that someone who's caged inside us and the will for it to come out can be either strong or weak at times depends on your will of course. Since I like something that extraordinary (anything that related) I find this is an interesting fact and for sure not a bored thing to think about.

My alter ego is a boy for sure..I don't know why but I've been feeling like that ever since. I've been a tomboy before but it didn't really work out so well and I decide to try again in 1 or 2 years in time (from now). I have my inspiration though :D for example Amber Liu from F(x) group...Her style of boyish really get into me, hahaha, I don't really know how to explain it properly but I'm amaze.

I've been thinking of doing a shoot that describe my alter ego..already plan it but still need to wait for the perfect timing to do all that...I just can't wait but good thing comes to those who wait so yeah I'm waiting and will keep holding on to that idea. If it was reached will be posting about it (opkoz!! hahah). 

Funny thing is, some of my dude friends think that I'm a lesbo because of me liking to be boyish...hahaha, well just because I like to be boyish doesn't mean I'm a lesbo, hahaha. I'm 100% sure that I'm damn straight, ahahah!!! That's all for this topic, thanks for reading, hehe. 

Now let us play a little game......... :P

So what do you think your alter ego is? 
Drop your comments for sharing XD