Saturday, October 5

Remade By Hand (Eco Wear)

Yesterday I went for a fashion show at Lok Kawi as Miss Earth, when I got the news (on the same week, before the show) about having to present our eco wear, I panic myself out because my mom thrown away my eco wear skirt. She told me that it becomes a home for the cockroaches (scumbag roaches). So i end up making another eco wear in 4 days time. In a short time i manage to do my eco wear, its not really that organize but 

So here's the actual picture of my-supposed-to-be eco wear before I remade it :

But since the roaches decide to make my skirt as their home so I end up by making the this: 

I browse the internet about eco wear and came up with this design, 
yeah its a bit mess but I still can say that I'm proud with my
effort XD  Next year I probably will change a bit :)

Yours truly: