Sunday, April 10

KENTE3 Singing Competition ( Semi-Final)

*Drum Rolls* The day for Kente3 has come!! And its the second group for semi-final. I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not making it the to final but its okay, at least I tried and gain more experience from it, but most importantly is that I learn from my mistake. I don't have much source of pictures but I think it will do.

Wearing a red dress..I didn't know there will be two round for the competition. First is kadus song then second is English/Malay song. I was told one day before the competition, if I knew earlier I have time to borrow even a prettier dress from my aunt. So that's why I ended up wearing this. Its quite pretty but its shows my cleavage and I have to let my hair fall in front to cover it up. 

My Kadus song was Adaa by Clarice John Matha. This song is suitable for competition for it has up and down. I'm satisfy with my performance in the first round song because it sounded good :D Now move on to the second round.

 This second song was My Valentines by Martina McBride and this is where my MISTAKE are. I choose the wrong song for the competition. The song will not shows my singing skill at all because it didn't contains up and down like the first song. So I assume that this what failed me to the next round.

I did planned my performance for this second song. I was planning just standing on one spot and using standing mic while my gesture hands tell the story which will be my showmanship. But at the middle of the song I took off the mic because I have to bend down my head a little bit and the position makes it hard to let my voice out.

I try to feel the song..I REALLY did and it works BUT the problem is my feeling didn't touch the spectator. So that was another failed result. Overall it was good and fun as well :D I think that's all I can talk about for this topic. Btw, this is the top 5 contestant who was chosen for the final..I didn't really know about the top 5 for group A, but this is the top 5 for group B.

Applause to them and congratulation for making to the final :D

~End of post~