Saturday, November 9

Indocafe Caffe Latte Launch

Remember my previous post about this launch? Well here it is the official launch for it, happened at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu on 2nd November 2013. I was actually came in a bit late for the launch (such irony for a so-called-media person). But this doesn't stop me from taking photos and enjoy the event. Rica from Hitz is the emcee for this event (I didn't know that she could speak chinese as well O.o). 

Image by Tom Rungitom

(Since I miss out the launch part, Tom provide me with this launching image,
Thanks bro)

Here comes the rest of the picturessssss....

Emcee for the day (Rica)

Me loike the balloonssss.....^^

This is the products from Indocafe. Haven't tried the white
coffee yet 

This is the newest product which is Indocafe Caffe Latte flavor.
At first I tried it, its not suits my taste (since I'm getting dizzy when I drank it).
But soon after that I get use to its taste and really enjoy it (got one pack free so 
I drank most of it). 

Indocafe testing/promoting booth. Everyone loves free sample :P

Looks yummy especially when I see bubbles like that..fantastico!!

So this is how it feels asking people to hold 
a product and take picture with it, haha. 
Been there, done that...^^

And they serve food as well
Fruity-licious ^^

  This bun looks SOOO yummy
and I really love the bun colour (you don't see black colour bun
everyday, in my case)

Rica's giving free Indocafe product by asking random
people an easy-as-pie question.  

Fellow bloggers that came :)

And here come the entertainment (for the kids obviously).

Lots of kids waiting for animal/sword/ or whatever shape balloon
offered by the clown. 

The goodies I get ^^ the bag is very useful for me XD 

That's just about it for the event, really enjoy taking pictures and put it on my blog and so people may read it and know what is new in town, hehehe. Till my next post, stay tuned!!!  

Yours truly,