Saturday, February 23

Composing Song

Last year I've compose a song titled 'Just For Tonight', the reason why I do this because my friend who studied at UMS ( Art school in music) encourage me to do so. At first I was shy to even make a sound and of course it was due to my lack of skill in playing instruments, I can't play any instrument fluently. I can only humming the sound and make the lyrics. Then soon after that from all the encouragement I got from him I agree to make one. I do actually like to compose song but lack in playing instrument sometimes make me feel low and no confident at all.

So I do the lyrics and music through my humming first, then he played the guitar and remake the music a bit for me. I'm not sure if I posted that song on my blog or not but I'm posting it anyway, hahaha. I uploaded it on Youtube, feel free to click on the video XD. Last but not list, I do like to hear YOUR OPINION about the song, arrangement, music, rhythm etc. Do leave your comment, it will be such a great help for me :) Thank you for your support.