Monday, January 30

Reason Why I think I'm Funny...

First of all this is just a random idea that came through my mind a minute ago...Its nothing special but I think I'm hilarious (yeah right, as if :P) hahahaha.....

I saw a post on 9gag about cover your face like a ninja style with a shirt..So I got interested and took a photo and upload it on facebook...At first I upload this picture below...Then a person commented this photo and show me the 'true' ninja...9gager will understand what 'true' ninjas mean. 

Yes, I know that ninja supposed to be unseen. So I uploaded another picture to show my true ninja capability :P (P/S: I'm only doing this for fun :D)

And that's how I found out that I'm a real ninja after all....hahaha, yup this is such a random post I can came up with...Thank for reading (if you're reading it, of course) :)

Sunday, January 29

Witness The Borneo Fashion Festival For The First Time!!

Borneo Fashion Festival was the first event that will be done for the first time in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Organize by none other than Jeffie Jeff himself. Some of the reason for this event to be done is for us, the local, to recognized the talent of our local people, also for people with the talent to exploit them self and to help them to achieve their dreams to higher level.

After so long Kota Kinabalu have never done this kind of fashion festival before...BUT THE TIME HAS COME!!! Prepare to be AMAZED by LOCAL TALENTS around you!!!! Its not only showing the model as one of the local talent, in addition there will be a showcase of Sabah young designers, creative make-up competition, and creative hairdressing competition. 

Below is the date, venue and show that will
take place on 4th and 5th of February :D (DO CHECK)

On the 4th February you will be able to see all 26 contestant of BREEZE MODEL SEARCH wearing the designers clothing!!! THAT WILL BE AWESOME to see the model in a runaway and present the clothes from the designers :D

There will be 5 designers and each designer will have 5 models to showcase their clothes and one designer will have 6 models. It has variety of theme as well!! Wanna know what? Then come join us to witness this exciting festival of the year!!!! XD


Tuesday, January 17


So here I am asking for help in voting for Breeze Model Search (I know its such a selfish thing to do T-T and I'm sorry for that). Here's the link for the picture, do click like to vote :D I'm very grateful for your help and support!! XD Appreciate your help too :) Thank you in advance for voting!! XD

Sunday, January 15

Trying Home Remedy For Acne Problem

I have a serious problem dealing with my acne and blackheads problem. Though I've tried all sort of products (but not all in once) I still can't figure out what products that suits me, from cheap to expensive products. So I've search on the net how can I solve this problem. 

Some says that it's from what you consumed. Fast food, fizzy drinks and sweet food (or anything sweets) are some of the food and drinks that make your acne become worst. There are loads of home remedies treatment for acne, so I decided to try one of it first, which is aloe vera. 

It doesn't prove that it will 100% make all your acne clear on from your face but its a good thing if I give it a try at least. So starting from now, I will try this remedy and see how it will turn out. And of course cut all the oily food and exercise regularly. Hope it will give a fruitful result :D

Thursday, January 12

First Attempt on Designing Shoe..

So here it goes. Yesterday I was drawing a design of shoe (since its got something to do with future profession). I don't really have the talent in drawings neither do in creativity, but that can be learn right? All it takes is an inspiration (and other stuff, lol). Here's the design I came up with though I don't really think its qualify to be called a good design, look plain to me be the judge :)

I know it doesn't look much as what I said earlier, I is not a born artist (lolz)...The end of the toe (where there's a rectangular shape) the round thingy is a diamond design (if you get what I mean). Well, guess gonna work out on the new design next. :D I know its not much but its for sharing purpose...hehe, thanks for reading...

Monday, January 9


Finally I manage to end up this first semester..but still feel insecure about the result. In my opinion, I think uni its quite harder compare to STPM though...I don't know why the teachers back that days says uni will be more easier than stpm, well fudge it's not that easy. But on the other hand, nothing is easier nowadays :3  

Yesterday marked the end of my first sem exam..I think I'm messed up a bit..*sigh* Now, to prepare for the next sem, I should come out with new method for studying. Last time method is not very effective... So, kinda looking forward for next sem..hahahah..