Monday, November 17

100 Question answer by me

Ideal date spot : anywhere that has a beautiful night scenery or sunset

Charm Point : I don't have any

One word to describe your personality : understanding

Dominant hand, dominant leg : both right but I'm practicing my left hand for some reason

Eyesight : I don't know the exact number but my right eyesight is better than my left

Weakness : when people touch my cheeks

You little pride : I recover from fever quickly

Health problem : I get sick easily

Sleeping clothes : Anything that make me comfortable to sleep with

Sleeping pose : Facing the wall on my right side but if I can't sleep or get bored, I'll face the other side.

How long do you bath : 15 minutes.

Where do you wash first : my hair

Best mimic impression : none

Favourite Place to shop : City Mall,Kota Kinabalu

What do you buy often at the convenience store : There's really nothing I buy often at the convenience

Most expensive thing you ever bought : My 'DIESEL' t-shirt

Treasure : Everything that I have now which is my families, my friends, group singer that I admire (Hey!Say! JUMP and NewS), infos about my favourite group singer and they songs.I'll treasure all of these FOREVER...

What you can apologize now : nothing, because I straight away apologize if I done something wrong or bad.

Favourite fashion item : necklace but I don't wear it often though

Haircut you want to try : nothing for now

My hobby right now : learn any dance step that I watch

Favourite choclate flavoured : Bitter choclate.

Favourite phrase : Don't give up!!

Favourite song : Star Time (Hey!Say! JUMP)

Favourite colour : Turquoise and all light blue colour

Favourite movie : Pirate of The Caribbean. At World's End.

Favourite book : Chicken soup for the soul but I only have one of these book (chicken soup for the couple soul). I want to read all the book of this series.

Favourite manga : Doraemon and Dorabase

Favourite ramen : I never tried any ramen yet. (SOMEDAY...I WILL)

Favourite TV show : Crime Scene Ivestigation (CSI) on AXN.But I usually watch anything on TV.

Favourite food : Fried rice that I cook

Least favourite food : Tomatoes and eggplant.

Favourite emoticon : (^_^) *smiley face* and (T-T) *sad face*

Most afraid of : Either I'm not afraid of anything or I'm not sure what it is

Recently cried about : nothing recently

Recently laugh about : just now

Recently happy about : nothing recently

Recently angered about : when I was sleeping peacefully and suddenly my brother keep knocking on my door, I woke up and scold at him. (Happend on March)

Recent jump moment : Just now, well I like jumping so much (for no reason) so I jump often.

Recent camp : on 2007

Recently shampoo : Just now

Recent dream : nothing reently

Favourite type of guy : A guy who's honest,kind,doesn't give up easily,can read the atmosphere,can make me smile,nice to everyone and more.Feel free to ask me if you want to know more.

Fvourite haircut for guys : Anything that suits him and can make my heart beat go 'WOW'

Favourite fashion for guys : Anything that makes him look cool and look good on him

Favourite action by guys : when he tuck my hair to the back and look at my face while I was studying and smile.....all of a sudden...

What guy ideal kiss situation you like : a sudden kiss, when he didn't show me that he's going to kiss me then when I least suspects it he kiss me.I like a sudden kiss.

Ideal kiss situation (me) : I don't have any but it has to be on the right place and atmosphere.

How would you confess to a guy : I will stand in front of the guy and say ' know what,if I like a guy I will stand in front of him, look at his eyes and say that I like him'.But I may not be able to say it well since I'm the shy kind of person.

Confession from a guy : 'I like you, so please go out with me' or 'I like you, so do you want to go out with me'.I think its better this way and I want him to say it face to face with me.But as long as his feelings get passed me, I'm cool with it but I might get a little shock .I don't want him to mails or call me if he wants to confess his love to me, because I can't really know how much he love me and I just can't feel the feelings of love that he was saying to me.(man, this is long).

What would you want to be called by your boyfriend : If possible I want something that he made up from my name, if not then Wiwin is fine.

Number of confession : 0

What would you not want a guy to do to you : go out with another girl when I'm not around sort of like cheating on me or something like that, lie to me, try to act tough when he's not and attract others girl attention by his action.

Gift for a guy : Something that only me and my boyfriend have.Maybe a necklace that have his name and my name on it or simply a couple ring,Something that I can wear everyday.

A phrase from a guy that would make you happy : When he say "thank you", "you're kind" and "It's fun going out with you,we should go out often".Now this phrase can really make my heart beat faster and there's a chance that I might collapse (seriously).

A phrase from a guy that would shock you : " It's not fun go out or being with you".This phrase can reaaaally make me upset.

Your boyfriend is late, how long would you wait? : 1 hour and 30 minutes but if he call me that he'll be late then I'll wait for him until he came, while waiting I can daydreaming or play with my cellphone.But if he late to 4 or 5 hours then don't bother, I better go home and listen to his explanation if he call me later. But if I'm in a good mood that day, I'll wait for him until he came eventhough until the late night.But I usually forgives others if they make a mistake.

When is your first love : Longgggg time ago..that's all I can say

Proposal words: "Show me how much you love me and I'll show you how much I love you and when we love each other so much,it prove that we should get marry".(Well it's a bit longer though)

When would you get married : I don't know when but it has to be before I turned 40 years old.

How many kids do you want : 2 or 3.

What would you want to say to your future husband : Are you married me for what is inside me or outside me and are you happy that you married me? (I really want to know)

Name for your kids : Not sure, I want to talk about it with my husband.

What does your family call you? : Win

First ever memory that you remember : I almost died when I'm drowned at a river.But it happened long time ago.

Favourite home cooked meal : I don't have any because all the meals that my mom & dad cook is delicious.

What do you call your mom and dad by : For my mom 'mami' dad 'bapa'

What you have for breakfast today : I don't usually eat breakfast

Childhood dream : To be a singer.

A serious injury you ever experienced : Happened at January (2008). I was taking part on my school annual sport day (hurdle event).When I reach the 4th fence my right foot was hang on the fence and I fall down to the track and sprain my left foot.Until now it's not recover yet.

Lessons you took when you were little : Swimming and karate

Favourite place at school : My classroom. I like to sleep on my desk.

Favourite school lunch : Fried noddle

Least favourite school lunch : Eggplant.

Favourite subject : Math.I'm not really good at it but it's fun learning about it.

Least Favourite subject : Biology. I think it's too much hassle. (too much to read and to remember)

Favourite field activity : High jump.

Least favourite feild activity : 400m run.

School clubs/ positions you've been in : SRM members (advertising department), librarian, Curriculum Captain, secretary of my sport house (Fokker), secretary of volleyball club and I'm incharge of the board for BM club.
How do you spend your break time : Talk to my friends.....and eat

The longest phone conversation : 1 hour

How many numbers are in your cell phone : 120 . But I only faithfully keep in touch with about 10 of those people.

Place you want to go : JAPAN. I want to find SOMEONE.

Most respectful person : My parents and people who's older than me

Person you want to meet the most now : Arioka Daiki and the rest members of Hey!Say! JUMP.

Most desired thing right now : Room space.

Most respectful senior at Johnny's : Domoto Koichi. He's cool.

If you were to become the prime minister of Malaysia, what would you do : I'll refuse!! It's too much hassle.Too many work that have to be done and too many letters to sign. I'm not really good in politic.

What would you do if you become a guy : Hang out with Hey!Say! JUMP members.

You've won $3 billion, what would you do? : I give $1 billion to my parents, use $1 million to go to Japan with my friends and I'll save the rest for the future. Or I'll just do or open some business and make more money.

What would you want to be if you were reborn : A guy

Your house is on fire. What do you save : First my family then my cats next is my phones and MP4 and finally myself. I want to make sure no ones inside the house first.

The last day of earth, what would you do? : Go to Japan and confess to Daiki that I like him then spend time with my family and friends and then I went home and sleep ( is the last day of earth)

Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend : Daiki

Who do you want from HSJ to be your son : Ryutaro

Who do you want from HSJ to be your older and little brother : Yabu for older brother and Yuto for little brother.

If you have 1 hour to be one of the member in HSJ, who would it be : Takaki

What do you want to say to HSJ members : Do your best to be the best, remember my face (hahaha) and can I have your phone number (I'll be an idiot to ask this from them).

What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? : Have you visit Japan yet.

Your number one goal : For now I want to pass my SPM examanations with flying colours and when I'm finish my SPM I want to go to Japan.

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