Wednesday, November 19

OMG !!!!

You'll know what the heck am I writing about AFTER you watch this video. Well first that guy who's holding a phone is Kota Yabu but I call him Yabu instead. He took a picture of Daiki while sleeping (you can see that, right)...when he show the picture of Daiki, I envy at him cuz HE LOOK SO CALM WHEN HE'S SLEEPING...HAAAA...compared to me, my face look like a dead person when I'm sleeping, with my eyes and mouth half open.AHHH, hate him for that and for having skin that smoother than me but that can be excuse cuz he's a singer. I wish that phone was mine cuz it has a large screen, despite that I love phone that has big screen. Let's get to the point then, you've seen two guys put hair clipper on Daiki's hair right..then when their done it Hikaru say's 'wiwin'..hahahaha no bah he say 'We win' but still it sounded just like my nickname and just let it be my name though. Inoo is the one who say my name, he say 'Win' that can't be change cuz that's my name and it was a fact...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... my friend suzainie known as sotchai in her blog told me this and she say it's was destiny (ya right, as if)...OMG...Inoo and Hikaru did know my name..haha..I'm surely will go to JAPAN and find them, if there's luck then I might found them, no doubt about this part...DAIKI HERE I COME...(>.<)......

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ShadesOfPurple said... lah sini tu short story ko tulis dulu.