Wednesday, January 14

Another Nightmare With Daiki and Yuto

Shessh, I was trying to get HSJ group out off my head but its keep coming back to me nowadays....OFTEN. 5 days ago I dreamt about Yuto and the next day it was Daiki.

Daiki's Part :
There were going to be a Hey!Say! JUMP concert somewhere in this earth which I have no idea whether its exist or not (forget about that). Weirdly KAT-TUN was there too but doing nothing. More weird thing is I dress up like a cosplay character wearing a maid costume, you know the black and white costume that in anime a maid wear it, that one. My hair was thicker than in reality and I look stupid with that kind of hair. I mean what's that all about. I talk to Daiki...a lot but sadly I can't even remember a single word what are we talking about. In this dream I still have feelings for him but I guess he didn't care...something like that, I can tell you know.

Yuto's Part :
I can remember dis dream very well. I was staying at Yuto's house and his house is like a mansion. I can't sleep then I try to find him (Yuto) until I reach a stairway, downstairs there were a group of girls and two guy . I greet them and one of the girls ask me why I'm staying here but I didn't answer cause I don't know either. I went back upstairs and suddenly it was packed with a lot of people, even georginni was there (WHAT THE HELL). The next day in my dream, the group I was talking about including me a singing, end of that two of those girls give me a piece of small paper that has written something on it and I don't know how to say it then Yuto came to the rescue. I was amazed by the way he look with his tuxedo, HE LOOK AWESOME. I was trying to run away from the girls and he grab my wrist and the same thing happen the second time I try to run. The next thing I know is his arms was around my waist ( I think he want to make the girls their face) and every time I think about this part where his arms around me, I'm shivering to death. LOL. -End-

Well I just hope that I won't be dreaming about Yamada....

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