Sunday, February 1

AF Audition

Hell yeah, I went for the Akademi Fantasia(AF)audition on saturday 31st Jan
and guess what it's not hard to confront with the judges and
with lots of people behind you cuz I'm like use to it...something like that la.
I saw some of the singer there such as Ebi,Mila and
some people I don't give a damn, and also Jimmy (u know him).
I was at 1 Borneo from 9.00am until 6.00pm
and there some problem all the way la.

When it's my turn to sing, my heart beats so fast
and it feels like there's no air around me but I sing without
the trembling voice of course . 'Wiwin' one of the judge call my
name out, 'oh ur name was pretty' pretty, nice or cute
I forgot what he said in that part. Anyway, I sang the song
Karma by Cokelat and they like it. Usually when they ask u to sing
your second song (which you choose it with your own free-will) means
your about to make it to the next round.

My second song is Thank You For The Music by ABBA. Soon after that
they ask me to sing Agnes Monica's song which I don't know any of her songs.
I told them I don't know any of her songs, they did sing some
part but I still don't get it. They make me sing three song..hey that's not fair (but life
is meant to be unfair after all). I don't really know Agnes Monica but when
I'm in the choir team, you just said that name and everyone was like 'wow' and
amazed by her awesomeness of something which I don't give a damn.

Then the two judges said ur still young and year. I don't
really feel that bad, I feel great even though I'm not chosen cuz
I sang with confidence and that's enough for me and I think they
admit that I can sing better but becuz of Agnes Monica I failed,
means I have to update myself more about Malaysian and Indonesian
artist next time.

Damn you A**** M*****. Well, maybe God's planning something
good for my future (yeah, right~). There's always next time....if I'm still
alive though. But I will stay alive to full fill my 1st dream job.
(evil laugh)
even though I don't think that's really possible though cuz
people says nothing is impossible but some are impossible,
like bringing death people into life..that's impossible right.
haha..what the crap am I writing anyway.

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