Monday, February 9


doraemon 2

Doraemon is my favorite character of all, I seems to like him
since I was about 8 or 9 years old. And he's still my favorite till now and then.

Anyway, talking about Doraemon, his leg suppose to be
a little bit tall than it is right now. The reason
why his leg is short is because he wants his leg

to be more longer and that's when he use a spring
to pull his leg but sadly the spring failed to do so
then his leg was hit on the wall and that's why his leg is short.

And he suppose to be yellow in colour not blue,
this is because Nobita's great great grandson (if I'm not mistaken...cicit c Nobita)
build a Doraemon doll and he asked a robot mice to
Doraemon's ears cuz its not the same as in 'tdk rata'..
but the mice misunderstood what the cicit was talking about
then go and bite Doraemon's ears wrongly and his
ears have to cut. Because of maximum desperation
Doraemon mistook a thinner water and its was mixing with his
tears and when he's crying all the yellow paint on his body was wiped
out and turn into blue.

Doraemon was born on 3 September 2112 ( that's about 103 years from now)
he was categorize as the 2nd class robat cuz he has 1 mi
ssing skru.
His younger sister named Dorami are 1st class robot, you can tell the difference by
looking at their pocket..Any Doraemon's who has a patte
rn on their pocket
are 1st class robot and if its white then it'
s 2nd class.

Doraemon's height is 129.3 and his weight as well.

This part is where Doraemon will leave Nobita and go back to the
21st century...but Hiroshi Fujimoto @ FujikoF. Fujio is not willing to end up the story cuz he love all the character in Doraemon and don't want to waste the hard work he been through. Even so, he did drew 2 ending story of doraemon in 1974.

oh my gosh...just looking at Doraemon and Nobita crying make me want to
cry too. I can feel the pain that Nobita been through...SAKIT NYA HATI!!!
(don't go Doraemon!)


I want to own these stuff

(front view)

(back view)

I would buy these phone no matter what the price are...... \(^o^)/

and of course this doraemon camera....who doesn't want it (except if u don't like Doraemon)

and not forgetting an ipod...I want this so badly...

This apron look nice too..I'll be more energetic to cook when I have this..hahaha

I won't come out from the bathroom..hahaha

This is the magnetic thingy to put on the refrigerator....and
look at Malaysia, Doraemon make a Teh Tarikh (my fav)..

Ahh!! cool

cute shoe

Nice wrist watch..I want the 2nd wrist watch...'Always with you'
it's a perfect word for a fan...
I will wear this even though going to One Borneo...

I totally want this bed set..including the mat...hohohoho Doraemon guitar...and cute too..



Anonymous said...

omg! you really are one doraemon fanatic!!! i accidentally came upon your blog, i was looking for doraemon stuff online and i found some of the pictures that are included on your blog and so the story goes...!!!
i was so interested and intrigue and i am happy to came upon your blog. it also made me teary eyed when i've learned that doraemon will leave nobita in the end... i knew doraemon's a classic but i never knew that it was from 1970's... and until now doraemon's still touches the hearts of many manga and anime fanatics like me and you... thanks for your blog! >__<

Chisuki Hana said...

thank you for reading my blog about doraemon..I am happy that you are one of doraemon fans!!! DORAEMON FOREVER AND EVER!!! XD

CuTeGuy said...

hey hi... but those doraemon stuff if want like where can i get it.?

CuTeGuy said...

really like ur blog. is fill with doraemon stuff.

Chisuki Hana said...

hai CuTeGuy, I think you can bought the items online, now all of it though cause I just search for the picture, and I don't really know the link for each stuff. But I recall some of the stuff can be bought thru online. :D

Anonymous said...

I do collect doraemon stuff and base on my calculations(if i am right) i had 19 pieces of Doraemon stuff....not that much but i am happy with that and still collecting...the stuff i had:
1. cast of Doraemon(miniature)
2. shirts
3. wallet
4. trash bin
5. hand towels
6. alarm clock
7. ring
8. spoon and fork
9. cup
10.stuff toy
11.moving display
12. free doraemon toy from a fast food chain
i can't remember the rest....

Anonymous said...

Doraemon has been my fav cartoon character since young too! Doraemon ftw!!!