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Dorabase is another comic inspired by Fujiko F. Fujio ,
and the author is Shintaro Mugiwara. Shintaro regard Fujiko as his
idol and Shintaro love Doraemon since he was liitle. One day he finally
manage to work at Fujiko Pro company, where Fujio own the company, and it
was always been a dream of him to met his idol. Shintaro take the opportunity to
let Fujiko look at his drawing and finally he succed.

This story is about robotic cats that form a baseball club and name it
Edogawa Doras. Doaremon is also in the beginning of this story but it doesn't fo
on Doraemon itself becuz he must go back to the past to help Nobita.
The main characters' team. Started out as a rookie team that never wins,
until Hiroshi joined up as the new pitcher (replacing Doraemon) and
help them win their first victory against the Mongas.
Before Hiroshi's arrival into the team, the team was
made up exclusively of cat-like robots, like Doraemon.

The leader of the team is Kuroemon, one of Doraemon's friends in Robot school
(if I'm not mistaken). Here are some introduction about them...


  • Position: Third Base
  • Number: 5
  • 'Kuro' means 'Black' in Japanese

Captain of the Edogawa Doras. Originally a 'freelance' robot that lives with, as well as work for, Hiroshi's family. His passion for baseball started when he arrives at Hiroshi's house and watches a baseball game on television. He then formed up the Doras. He has a intimate rivalry with Shiroemon, an old friend from the Robot School. Though lacking in skills that Shiroemon possesses, his determination makes up for it. His special move is called the "Daikon-slicing Fullmoon Swing" (a variant of the "Fullmoon Swing" originated by Pokoaemon),"100% hit long and far swing" (swings lowing like golf) where he swings the bat downward in mid-air in a slicing motion to counter's Shiroemon's W Ball and WWW ball.


  • Position: Pitcher
  • Number: 1

The only son of a family that owns a delivery business, called the "Meaw Dora Delivery Service". Before joining team Doras, he has been helping his mother run the delivery business ever since his father died. Years of lifting heavy delivery boxes gave him strong shoulders, resulting in powerful pitches. Initially, his pitches lack control, and only after 'training' on the island that his accuracy and ball control improves. The only human member of the Doras.


  • Position: Catcher
  • Number: 2
A large cat robot who works at a pre-school. He's very kind to human children, but probably not child robots (observed from his reaction to Chibiemon's curiosity when Chibiemon first met the team). His large body makes him a natural catcher. He's always seen eating dorayakis.

  • Position: First Base
  • Number: 3
  • 'Hyororito' means 'tall and thin' in Japanese
A tall and very talkative cat robot who works as a shopkeeper of a fish shop. Hyoroemon can be very passionate, ranging from his passion to fight for the team, to getting angry at other team members (especially at Chibiemon), although he rarely acts hostile. Often cheer up the team when the morale is low. Being the tallest member of the team, Hyoroemon has the ability to lunge for a hit ball further than any other member, as well as being able to jump higher and catch higher balls

  • Position: Shortstop
  • Number: 6

Apparently a robot cat assembled for a privileged family. He seems to have some talent for baseball, but because he does not want to get his uniform dirty, he usually avoids sliding and lunging. Possibly by luck, he tends to be one of the first members to experience a particularly powerful or tricky pitch.


  • Position: Left fielder
  • Number: 7

Another passionate member of the team. Normally very cool and collecting, in the baseball field he becomes hot blooded. Originally from a team called "Lobsters" in Florida, he left America for Japan to pursue his dream in improving his skills when the team broke up after another member of the team, Randy, quit. Rumor has that he joined the Doras because he mistook them for a professional team. He's living with Mr. Inasuma presently without paying for the accommodation (or indeed, for anything). His special moves, most notably the "Barbecue Impact", sets the ball on fire that is sparked from the impact of the ball onto his heavily oiled metal baseball bat.


  • Position: Center fielder
  • Number: 8
  • 'Tora' means 'Tiger' in Japanese

The fastest member of the Doras. Possess tiger stripes around his body. In one case he had puzzled the opposing team by doing a bunt that drops directly in front of the pitcher, and yet Toraemon was able to reach the first base before he is forced out. He lives in a boat situated in the Edogawa river and loves fishing.


  • Position: Second base
  • Number: 4

A member of the team who looks somewhat like a half-broken cat robot and works at the robot repair facility. His ability to send his hands some distance away from his body (attached by a spring) result in many fine plays, even when the ball looks like it's going to be a home run. His ability also has a disadvantage: his body often falls apart from moderately forceful contacts due to its instability. While most of the time he is very reliable, he can come out as being completely unglued, for example sending out his head to catch the ball instead of his gloved hand.


  • Position: Right fielder
  • Number: 9

Guriemon works at a tutoring school. A born strategist, Guriemon can read the game effectively and give hand signals and read them with great efficiency. It is Guriemon who noticed that Monga's hair correlates with what kind of pitch he's about to make, in the Dora's game with Mongas. Before the second match of the Big Dome Cup, he told the team that he has to leave the team, because he passed the highly competitive exam to enter the nation's best university to study biology, but the university is situated very far from the team's base of operation. This angered Hyoroemon, who took it as an act of selfishness. Kuroemon, however, saw it as Guriemon simply following his dream, like how he himself follows his dream to one day defeat Shiroemon in baseball. Initially replaced by Mikachan, his position is further replaced by Chibiemon. Kuroemon promised him that Guriemon can keep his number and he is free to come back and rejoin the team anytime he wishes.


  • Position: Right fielder
  • Number: 0
  • 'Chibi' means 'dwarf' in Japanese.

The newest member of team Doras, he is an absolute beginner at the sport. He was found floating in a cardboard box in the Edogawa river just as the team was pondering where to find another member after Guriemon quit. After being taught the basics of baseball (in which he falls in love with the sport almost immediately), Kuroemon noticed the talent and potential that's hidden within the small cat robot. He can be a crybaby sometimes, but that is usually handled by Kuroemon giving him a dorayaki to chew/suck on to stop him from crying. On the surface he appears to be nothing more than a weight on the team, but has great potential (for example, he is able to outrun Toraemon). His will power is not any less than other member's. Currently lives with an old man on a house on Edogawa's riverside.He is clumsy to hit the ball.


  • Position: Manager
  • Number: 28 (when she is taken to the game)

Hiroshi's childhood friend. Mikachan had always believed that Hiroshi has potential in being a good baseball player. Normally acts as a manager for the team. Also takes care of the equipments and first-aid of injured team members. Sometimes fill in as an emergency substitute when members are not enough, but such substitutions are often short-lived. When Mikachan is about to get a chance at batting in Big Dome's Cup's third game, for example, Kuroemon arrives at the game. Also a beginner at the sport, but lacks the talent Chibiemon has.


A former spy from the rival team Flyers, Mikeemon is extremely unskilled in baseball. At the match against Flyers, he scored the winning score for Doras. He is the only player who can time Amoll's "Dragonfly Ball" correctly.



Captain and pitcher of the Yamadera Bears. He is able to use illusions by blinking his eye and stopping the time of everyone except himself for a brief period. He is initially a vulpine, but can transform into a ferocious bear once angered.


Sworn opponent of Kuroemon, captain and pitcher of the Arakawa White. His trademark pitch is his 'W Ball', 'WW Ball', and 'WWW Ball" which causes the ball to slide up and down continuously, creating a W pattern. This pitch is very hard to hit at the start of the series, but as the story progresses, players like Emole and Drump can hit it easily on the first try.


A batter of a rival team. Known to possess a 100% batting accuracy.


Captain and pitcher of the Akane Flyers. His killer pitches are the'Dragonfly Ball' and'Red Dragonfly Ball', the former pitch causes the ball to halt in the middle of the pitch and resume its movement seconds later, but is only limited to a straight line.The latter pitch is an upgraded version of the 'Dragonfly Ball', which causes the ball to shift its direction after the halt, making it harder to hit.


An American player, captain and pitcher of the American team Devil Kings. his killer pitches are "The Queen Ball" and "Royal Straight Flash". He is also good in one of his hit, "The King of Spade" - Which is very fast that makes you think he hit 2 balls in one hit. He asked Aimond to join in the American Team, and looking forward to versus the Japanese Team.


Self-titled coach of the Edogawa Dora, he applied many newcomers, especially the Pigssy Brothers: Bubuta, Bebeta and Bobota.


Number : 15

Look alike Kuroemon. People always mistook him as Kuroemon because they both black and the same if you look from their back. But Makuroemon is full a black cat while Kuroemon is not. (Kuroemon has white face)


Number : 33


Number : 22


Number : 11

There's still other player but they didn't apear a lot in the book, so i just skip that par

(p/s : source from wikipedia)


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