Monday, February 9


doraemon 3

Some of the picture is kinda funny that's why
I want to post it and share it with people who read my blog.

This is Super Doraemon..LOL...

This is funny too...I mean What the hell..Doraemon was laser by a...u know..

WAH~ It looks delicious and I think I won't be able to eat it cuz it's too cute but I eat it anyway...but I'll keep the box though..I want Dorayaki...

If this kitten really exist, I would keep them..cuz it's rare..

This is a safety tips using the washing machine..

There's also a safety tips about personal computer, electric fan, air-conditioner,
TV, and the other one which I have n
o idea what it is.


Wah..I'll be happier if I got this motorcycle..

I'll be more happier if I get to drive this car and I won't be ashame to
drive it to any of KK's shoppi
ng mall....


Uina...Doraemon tinggi..hahaha..I want this costume as well.

Doraemon is crossing a road...adakah..oh no, his feet dirty..
I must clean it *get a bucket of water and a towel*..LOL..

Hip-pop Doraemon..OMG!! So cool and cute..AHH!!! Doraemon..

Doraemon go SuperSeiya...So it's more like Doraemon version Goku...hahaha..but ngam ba..
don't you think so? maybe this should be name as...mmmm...Gomon..

Doraemon as Keroro...Should be name as Keromon..

This is so the ngam..perfect...the problem is Doraemon's body la..hahaha..but smart ma..
It should be name...Sonmon..

Doraemon as Mario...ngam juga lah sbb gemuk..hahaha..It should be name
as Mariomon..


Dora Potmon..hahaha..weird..

OMG!! He looks more cuter and cooler if his hair was like this...AHH!! KAWAII~~


Still Gundamon..


This should be name as RockMon X..

Saint Doraemon..

CUTE DORAEMON OFFICE.... many Doraemon..Doraemon will be working at the office in the future....haha..

Doraemon conquer the office...I wanna have one of it..

Wondering what to do..

working on something...

Having a snack and it's Dorayaki..

Drinking Doraemon..He drink Tea..

Doraemon's reading news..

Back to work..

More reading and working...

Eat again..

take a break and relax

this cute Doraemon office must be the work of these people..

Soldier Doraemon to the rescue...


Justin De Lucia said...

That's a lot of Doraemon!

Mohd Rizal said...

love those doraemon especially the fullmetal Aldoraemon.

Mohd Rizal said...

love the dora especially fullmetal aldoraemon.

Anonymous said...

Those guys that made the doraemon office, AWESOME

Chisuki Hana said...

Everything about Doraemon is awesome XD