Friday, December 11

Too much to worried.

Lately, I've been worried too much about small matters that shouldn't
be lingering in my mind, hahaha. But I stayed positive for that
whatever that matters are (even though I, myself don't know it).

Let see, hmmm, next month is BACK TO SCHOOL MONTH!!! Hahah,
and I kinda like it, well I miss to get my mind go crazy with all the
assignment that I will get and I miss going crazy with my friends.
Though I will hate going to school after getting so much work
but while I'm in it, I should have fun doing it.

Damn, I worried too much about going back to school. What if
I'm not prepare? What if I miss one lesson? What happen
if I'm sick?? Well that kinds of question is still in my mind
but I'll find a way to solve it, hahah, like I always do.

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