Sunday, February 21


Today is an outgoing day with my mum, wawan,
nancy and cynta. First we went to karamunsing
and I bought three things...well, my mom bought it
for me cause its her money I'm using. Here's
a pictures of my shopaholic day....

First item is my new sport shoe!!! Hahahah, my school
will be busy with sport starting from tomorrow and I have
between four or five event. Since it was sport season at my school,
I decide to buy a new sport shoe...SEMANGAT ni sy mau SUKAN!!!!

Price: RM 50.00

Second item is this wedge shoe!! Hahaha, I finally get my hands on
this shoe. The wedge is about three inches tall and I'm loving it!!!!
YEAH!!! I like this shoes cause mcm got byk tali this....shortly it look
stylish la for me and trendy (I guess).

Price: RM 64.90
For my third item, I bought a laptop skin for my sister's laptop.
Its kinda nice when I put it on, hahah, nampak
ada gaya dan smart la sudah. Pretty!!!

Price: RM 10.00

After karamunsing we went to CP to look for wawan's
swimming trunk. But for that, I was the one who bought a
swimwear and not my brother. And again I bought one more
item from CP. Here's a picture of it.

Sexy Red Babe!!!! Hahaha...first, my mom was busy choosing
a bikini for me and so do I, busy looking all the bikini. Then after a while
my mom went out the store and ask me to choose. Hahaha, last2 ini la
saya beli....Lawa ba!!

Price: RM 68.00

After total up all these four items, I spend about RM 192.90!!
Thank you mami!!!


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