Sunday, March 14

A Short Trip To Labuan And A Little Reminiscene About Labuan.

Today has been such a fun journey for me, though is just a short trip but its worthy.

My dad woke me up at 5.30am to get ready becuz my dad and his friends promise to meet up at Menumbok at 9.00am. Still with my weary head I take a bath and dress up. At 7.00am dad pick up his friend with a daughter at Donggongon and we start our long journey to Menumbok. Along the journey there's a haze been going on, might be from the tress that was burning cause from the cruel sunlight.

We arrive at Menumbok about 9.00am as promise. You can park your car in all of the houses that has a sign writen ' Parking, RM5', its everywhere 200 meter from the harbour. As soon as dad parked the car I went out and this caught my attention

Is it legal to put petrol in plastic botol?

Then continue my way I saw this temple, and it bring backs the 9 years memory, back when I was just 10 years old. My family and I went a trip to Labuan by ferry. This is the temple

There's two ride you can choose from Menumbok, either you want to travel by ferry or speed boat. We choose to travel by speed boat cuz it saves more time and money, eventually this is my first time ride on a speed boat to Labuan and I don't know how it feels. 9 years ago we travel by ferry and bring along the car with us. The price comparism between speed boat and ferry, if you choose to ride on the ferry and wish to bring your car along, the price for a car is rm7o but each passenger is rm2 though you're not planning to bring your car with you the price is still rm2 per person and it takes about 2 hours to get to Labuan by ferry. If riding on the speed boat it will cost rm15 per person but you get to Labuan about 20-35 minutes.

The red speed boat is our ride.

This is the ferry.

We aboard from the harbour and there start my 20 minutes of HELL!! Its not really hell, just the feeling that you were riding a roller coaster. I like riding fast things just like the coaster, but only this time its a speed boat and we're on the surface of the sea water and you been thrown ups and downs from your seat cuz the speed boat is too fast and hit the wave so hard till the sea water splash to my face. We pass by a ferry and it looks like it doesn't move at all but it did, is just that it was too slow.

Continue the ride I can feel the dizzyness, 20 minutes pass by and we arrive at Labuan harbour. Just as I went out from the boat, I almost fell into the sea and thank god there was a person help me. All of us get sea sick and walk like a drunk person, its a good thing it was only a few seconds. Is the only thing in my mind. My temptation is more to chocolate and that's the only thing I came for to Labuan. But then again, that's not the only thing I wish I could bought, I asked my dad to buy Absolut Vodka and my wish is granted. Here's a few of my LG KF350 snapshot of alcoholic drinks..

from 10.30am we shop till we drop and it only last for about 2 hours. 12.00pm we bought another ticket for a ride home to Menumbok, this time we seperate from the others and there was dad, me and one of his friend. As we waiting at the waiting hall, I look at my ticket and noticing there was a mistake in my name (damn, I forgot to snap a picture of my ticket) anyway, thge mistake in my name was happen to be in my grandfather's name. Though I give my IC card they still have some mistake, my grandfather's name, instead of 'Guriting' it was printed as 'Guruting' then Mr. Ting was in my mind that time.

Then another hell ride to Menumbok begins, only this time is not worst than the first time. As soon as we arrived at Menumbok harbour, we start back our journey to KK. This time my father followed a shortcut from Kuala Penyu to Beaufort by ferry, this ferry is not like the ferry from Menumbok, its just a small ferry for vehicle. Yeah, its slow, it took about 12 minutes to get to the other side and another 12 minutes to come back the other side, so total up, its about 24 minute and we still hv the time to go for a drink at the restaurant and I still manage to finish up my maggi laksa. When the ferry comes, its our turn to get on it, and we got the front seat..

Its about 250 meter to get to the other side.

Then we continue our journey and finally arrived at Donggongon 4.30pm, and arrived home at 5.00pm. What a relaxing and tiring day today is....But most important is THIS!!


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