Tuesday, April 6


Today I don't go to school because I was attending JPJ's test. After my JPJ's test ended, I told my tutor to send me to Lido to take a picture for my license. Then around 2 o'clock I make my way home, suddenly there's a white kancil car stopping by the road and ask me which way to Taman Cantek. I make a hand gesture while showing him the way, then he ask to borrow my phone, I think I'm too kind to lend him my phone!! That's the worst part!!!

Not long after that he told me he want to move his car a little to the side of the road, I followed him...then the second time he said to me that he want to make a U turn, I began to feel uneasy and want to ask him to use his own phone but then I'm scared because I thought that will be rude. When he drive I did follow but then I don't know how the hell I lose a sight of him.

I began to panic and make my way back to Lido and searching for the white kancil, soon I stand on the same spot where he was the last time...waiting...waiting...waiting and waiting... NO SIGN OF THE OLD MEN!!!! I call my mum and told him all about it, I was sobbing while I told her how does it happen, she told me that it was printed in the news today about that white kancil with an old men in it asking to borrow your phone with a reason either asking for direction or say that he want to register his son to a school. Then I do some more searching till I lose hope and went home with a heartache, anger, sadness and disappointment. I HOPE HE WILL BE PUNISH FOR HIS SIN!!! HARAP2 KAU ACCIDENT!!! SILAKA!!!

BEWARE!!! Of this old men I'm talking about. Here's a link to read about the culprit http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=71672.

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Secret Drifter said...

aiyoo pity u !!

why gave him to borrow phone???

i nowadays hard to trust people...