Saturday, November 6

PPS 2010 Dinner!!! XD

The Sabah College PPS dinner was held at Imperial Hotel (just near to CP)...This year dinner is not as fun as last year dinner maybe because there's no band playing but overall it turned out to be quiet fun. I do enjoyed all the performance that perform that night, including mine, LOL...Hope others enjoy the song I sing. Azu, Jenny, Khairi and Afiqah perform that night as well (azu and khairi= guitar, jenny and afiqah= singing).

Our dinner is supposed to end at 11pm but it was ended 1 hour earlier since there nothing more to do. So we snap a few pictures and here it is...

Orang2 Kuat PPS..hahaha..Not all members of PPS were here though..

My blouse and teacher Jeany blouse almost has the same design...hahaha
Thanks to Shel for the vest and Jay for the Hat....:)

This has been a routine for girls to snap picture in front
of a mirror...:D Haha, I like...

Me and Santa Cruz (the guitar)

Azu with her guitar...

While azu was driving, this is what I do....

 Again this has been a!! (don't get me wrong by this words)
Hahaha, vain-nya...well, biasa la tu...The vanity in me...LOL 

And another picture...unfortunately I didn't bring camera
on that night so I borrowed from azu's camera with her permission of course..
Hahaha, Thank you so much Azu...hehehe 

So far that's all I can post....Goodbye to all PPS members and I hope PPS will achieve more goals and activities next year and so on..May God bless you all....XD Take care!!

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Del Glamiva said...

Bah Dewina, ada evidence masuk kereta nda pakai tali pinggang. xD You girls buat i terharu oo, suda besar semua. Den it hit me. I'm getting older too! xD