Sunday, November 28


Awareness of child abuse has been spread all around the world to make us realize that we need to do some prevention to stop this child abuse from getting severe. Just imagine that a kid was harm physically  by irresponsible person and this will cause the child to remember the pain he or she felt when they were harm, and may cause a trauma. I don't want to see this happens to our youngster who will lead our country in the next generation.

Sex harassing also an acts of child abuse that I don't want it to happens. Children doesn't know how to defend themselves from this situation, they were force to do things that they weren't suppose to do and not knowing anything about it. 

Emotional harm by child caretakers could cause a child being emotional or mental disorders. This is cause by parents who using a bizarre forms of punishment to punish their children. This type of child abuse has to stop. 

I don't want these acts of child abuse to happens to our young generation. 


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sheldon gungkit said...

i'm raising ma hands!!