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My Changes Through The Years (2000-2011). THE NEXT BIG THING!

Hello readers!! XD Now here comes the post I promise to blog about :) Sorry if it take too long for me to post, hahaha, I have trouble finding the pictures. Anyway, each year there will be one picture but they are also two picture in the year of 2008 and 2011. Let's begin!! :D

YEAR: 2000

O.o This picture make me wanna say OH MY GAWD!! Lol, on that year I was in primary 3, schooling at St. Anthony. Don't mind the person in the car, that's just my brother, haha. My sister like to play with make-up that time and put make-up on my face like I'm the dummy face where people usually practice to put make-up on (if you know what I mean :D). The trophy and the souvenir is just an act, hahaha, I borrowed it to make me look like I won something when this picture taken. :) Just an act...The image was slightly tilted. Maybe  I didn't scan it properly, sorry for that.
YEAR: 2001

I'm in primary 4, schooling at SRK St. Francis Convent. Hahaha, this time the trophy is not an act. I did won something on that time and if I'm not mistaken, I've won the singing competition for patriotic song. I eagerly want to put Doraemon on my right side, don't know why. Hahaha, this picture is a bit better than the previous one la.

YEAR: 2002

Primary 5, still at the same school. This was took when I receive my first Holy Communion in St. Thomas Church. Hahaha, ke-lol-o-an face...I look short here but I am short when I'm in primary school though. The picture was took on 29th November 2002 according to the picture. There's not much to say here.

YEAR: 2003

Stupid picture and pose, hahaha, I should burn this one :p On that time there was an event held at Kompleks Likas but I can't remember what. I'm carrying a souvenir given from someone to someone (betul2 lupa!) and its damn heavy. Furthermore,  all the people who participant in that event was standing under the sun and that explains why my skin look DARKER. When I arrived home, I have to get ready for my tuition class and before shower this was snap on that time, where my sister ask me if I would like to take a picture or not then I just agree. So...tadddaaa!! hahahaha! 

YEAR: 2004

Form 1, schooling at Sm St. Francis Convent. This was actually the first day entering class after gone through some exam paper to determine which class we were in. That was Sr. Carmen's table in the staffroom, where she is also just move in that school on the same year I was entering form 1. Style rambut tu ba...hahahaa. Evening session by the way :)

YEAR: 2005

I remember this time when my sister was asleep, I was cam-whoring alone. I look in the wardrobe to find clothes that kinda pretty to wear and this the best outfit I can find, LOL, talking about BAD fashion sense, hahahaha. If I was asked to wear that outfit for photoshoot, I might as well DISAGREE.....hahahah!! For sure! Feel like I wanna puke looking at myself like that..hahaha, zaman masih asi...

YEAR: 2006
OH MY GAWD (X100)!!! Again, the hairstyle look so empty...Form 3. I'm at Tambunan that time when that month my Grandpa pass away. Anyway, back to the picture, I don't know what words can describe this, hahaha, seems like all the negative words is acceptable. I look a bit fat oh...Gameboy Advanced was popular that time, it's like PSP. lol. Another picture to be burn, hahaha.

YEAR: 2007

Christmas 2007 at Tambunan. This is the time when I'm REALLY obsess with J-POP group singer which is Hey! Say! 7 which now was combined with another group and rename the group Hey! Say! JUMP. Arioka Daiki is my MOST top 'lover', hahaha, joking. And based on my outfit, its like Japan kinda fashion know with the long sock and the miniskirt (which is not too short). Obsess with Japan's fashion style. My face was a bit fatty..hahaha.

YEAR: 2008

Form 5, still at the same school. When the first day of school on 2008 begun, I suddenly feel like cutting my hair. Then the next day of school which is the second day I came to school with that hairstyle (picture above). Everyone started asking me question why I cut my hair so SHORT. Actually I want to feel how its like to be a tomboy, so I'm the wannabe tomboy but eventually I failed, hahaha. My brother even called me Bruce Lee because of the hair, LOL. People thought that I was a lesbian because when you are a tomboy there's must be a couple, but that was just a lie...I'm not a lesbian at all. But in December my hair grew back and I'm not a wannabe tomboy anymore. So this is the picture..

Behind me was my brother. Its Christmas and we're at Ranau :D And again the fashion style is just so obvious, hahahahaah. There's a jacket but I don't wore it because its not that cold that time. I like the scenery at the back...hehehehe

YEAR: 2009  

Cam-whoring alone in the room :D I'm in Lower 6 at Maktab Sabah this time. Doing what I do best, hahaha, kidding. :D

YEAR: 2010

Image as Tyra Banks...hahahaha, joking. This was last year when I'm getting ready for MBTQI audition. Hair was done by Emily Lily and make-up was done by Nancy (both are my aunt). I was thinking to make this picture as my driving license picture but too bad the background was white. *sigh*

So after 10 years of my changes here comes the latest year. 

Hahaha, yup, this picture do look familiar if you scroll down my blog :D Bridal Fair moment. And I also have my latest picture which I took this morning :)

Just a simple picture I took... :D

So there goes my changes through out  the years. I hope you enjoy reading it and have a good laugh too :D I think my face didn't change that much, hmmm. Thanks for reading frens!



gunsirit said...

wow! how fantastic to see you grow up. :)

Chisuki Hana said...

Haha, thank you...changes everywhere, lol