Tuesday, March 15

What Was It Again

Yep, thanks to my non-proper-sleep-schedule again that I can't sleep. Well, actually I can but the body refused to follow the brains order. Then again today is a 'Hangout Day' with my buddies as what I have planned and with this kind of improper sleep schedule, things will get bad for me since I have problem dealing with my own mood. So here I am at 3.12am still awake. lmao

I shouldn't be blogging at this time of hour but its the only thing I can think of to put myself to sleep. Then again I was wrong. Thinking will only make my brain to be more functional. Somehow I make a lame formula out of it..

Blogging + Thinking =   Activation 

Which will make me more harder to sleep. I'm ending my post now....will try to get some sleep :D NITE!!

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