Thursday, June 23

The Beginning Of Miss Earth Sabah (MES) 2011 Pageant week #Day 1

Back from the pageant week, as usual I'll be blogging about the events that happens :D It's been 3 days since the pageant ended, so I'll begin with Day 1.

Arriving at Novotel about 20 minutes late I presume make me feel nervous and I don't sleep well either since I pack all my things up at last minute but manage to arrive before the press conference even started (Thank God for that). 

During the press conference, we're introduce our self and give out our green message to others (which we will be using every time there's an introduction). The press conference end up at 12.00pm, here are some photos taken by Radzie during the press conference.

One of the sponsor goodie bag given to us XD

1 Malaysia!! 

After lunch at Novotel, we depart to Corefitness, centre point for our next activity at 2pm. If you see green t-shirt with a sash, that must be us :P This is also one of the subsidiary title which is Miss Corefitness. Check us out :D

I love this part of Day 1 activity. We dancing and at the same time 
we're exercising :D

After body jam for 3 hours (with a rest) the title for Miss Corefitness was announce. Miss Corefitness was won by Sandra :D

A quick shoot then head up to Hong Kong recipe (Warisan Square) for dinner. Man the food is awesome!! If i were to eat at Hong kong Recipe everyday, surely I'll get more happiness to the max :D

Candid picture

Overall, that day was fun especially the body jam part at corefitness :D But the second day activity is more tiring than the first day..STAY TUNE FOR DAY 2 POST!! XD

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