Sunday, January 15

Trying Home Remedy For Acne Problem

I have a serious problem dealing with my acne and blackheads problem. Though I've tried all sort of products (but not all in once) I still can't figure out what products that suits me, from cheap to expensive products. So I've search on the net how can I solve this problem. 

Some says that it's from what you consumed. Fast food, fizzy drinks and sweet food (or anything sweets) are some of the food and drinks that make your acne become worst. There are loads of home remedies treatment for acne, so I decided to try one of it first, which is aloe vera. 

It doesn't prove that it will 100% make all your acne clear on from your face but its a good thing if I give it a try at least. So starting from now, I will try this remedy and see how it will turn out. And of course cut all the oily food and exercise regularly. Hope it will give a fruitful result :D

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