Wednesday, June 6

Legally 21!! Tanjoubi omedetou! Part 1: Friends

Should be posting this on 5th june but too tired to do it. Hehehe. Now I'm legally 21 years old, haha, still look young mah, forever 21 la now, hahaha. I celebrated my birthday at Upperstar KK, with 3 friends (Evie, Lana and Azu :D). That day was such an amazing day, unexpected thing happen to me, I don't like surprises but this kind of surprise is touching. 

There we are sitting on the table then suddenly I heard birthday song being played, I thought there were someone else having the same birthday as me, so I was looking around the place searching for the birthday girl or boy. 

I looked at the waitress holding a cake and see where she's heading and SURPRISINGLY she went to our table!!! I was shocked + happy + excited at the same time. To be true no one ever done that to me with this kind of surprise..If there are surprises I always know it straight away but this one.....well hell, I don't even have the slightest clue...And I was like 

Here's the cake XD

And the next picture is kinda funny with the glasses on..hahaha

Oh yeah, legally 21 like a boss!! 

I'm not really expecting present from because I don't really mind weather there's a present or not as long they spend time with me that'll be enough for me :D But a present during birthday is a must I assume..hehehe, so this is what I get from them <3 

A present form Lana & Precious :D 

Me gusta!!! I'm loving it! XD

Next is from Azu <3

Doraemons and a necklace :D I love the necklace too
since I don't have that kind of style and I do love necklaces :>

A bit details on the necklace

When earing and necklace are combine together...It became..

Have a blast on my birthday!!! I did enjoy every happiness, excitement, surprises, thrilling and especially laughter I had when I'm with them.   I would like to thanks to them for making such a memorable day!! THANK YOU LANA, EVIE and AZU!!! XD You all are such a wonderful friend! Kumpulan Ghebats mah kan...XD 



Rungitom said...

Happy birthday again Dewina. ^_^

Chisuki Hana said...

hehe, thank you tom! XD