Wednesday, December 5

A Girl Behind The Window

This happen to me 6 or 7 years. I was a librarian during that year with one of my friend as well. There is a new candidates librarian to be chosen on that year and our head of library told us to make a mess in the library like throwing or put the books all over the places and see if the candidates knows where to put it back following the code of each book.We agree to our leader and went to the library and a friend who is a prefect tag along with us.

Our library is just small place, its hard to fit on even 50 person in it, maybe around 20+ or 30+ people is cramped enough, so you can imagine how limited the space are. At first we threw all the books all over the places and even switch some of the books to another shelf. We even laugh and playing inside the library making it feels like a chaotic atmosphere.

Soon after finishing with our duty, we sat on the borrowing and returning counter on the left side of the entrance door. I was busy checking the files, my other librarian friend is looking at some records and our prefect friend is reading a book. Not long after that I saw something unusual on the other side of the window (inside the library, there was another storage room for text books and it was separate with a wall with windows of course). At first I thought it was just my imagination so I didn't really care about it too much but soon that present giving me the creep and I whisper to my other librarian friend "Did you see that?" "Yes, I do, don't talk about it, be normal and ignore her"

I forgot that you can say anything to anyone if you saw that 'thing' so then I do my work as usual but yet the eyes keep looking at me. And every time when I don't want to look and refrain myself from looking, I will still lift my head up and look at her. I still remember that her body only shown till her waist, with long black hair, wearing white kinda robe, a pale face and I could only see one of her eyes (the other one was covered by her hair).

I began to fill uncomfortable but then our head librarian open the entrance door and when I looked back at the window in front of me , she's already out of sight. We go out from the library and tell our friends what we saw. -The End-

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