Thursday, January 17

Hanging Woman

#NOTE : this story is not experienced or happened to me but it happened to my uncle. This is a short story, seriously short. 

Sepanggar (place where my uncle and his family live), was kind of a creepy place at times if you`re not used to the environment, dark on certain places, a bit near to the woods (not a thick one). A calm night approach as the rest of the family member downstairs watching TV while he ( my uncle) was fast asleep upstairs. Parents room was at the end of the 4 or 5 meters alley.On that night itself, he felt someone's present inside the room other than him.

He thought that it was his wife but strangely that his wife didn't get on bed, instead she circled around the bed a few times. Soon after that my uncle look at the ceiling and saw a woman HANGING up there surround by rope around her neck and long black hair. Since my uncle is used to that kind of situation, it doesn't give much creep to him. -End- ( I told you it's short, but you get the idea :D )

But what if you were in that situation? what will you do? 

Yours truly, 

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