Sunday, September 1

Surprise!! Visit my blog with new layout!! ≧◔◡◔≦

*wink wink* Finally I finished redesign my blog. I try to make my design as simple and nice as possible. So what do you think? Give me some feedback or comments about my blog simple design, all comments are very much appreciated ^^

It doesn't really turn out from what I imagine it would be but its a start. Learning how to make, put and customized it really gave me a bit of a challenge. Hope that by next time I redesign my layout it would be an epic!!  

Each of the design I made have a meaning of course. The background is kinda vintage flower look with blue background, from this you can tell that I love the colour blue (obviously) and I like the vintage looks on it and yeah I love flower as well.

Secondly is the yellow bell in the end of every post. Do you recognize the bell? If you do then you're an awesome person XD Hahaha, it was  from my favorite cartoon idol Doraemon :D 

The next one is the mustache sidebar title. Mustache is kinda pretty trending nowadays so I try to put it on my blog sidebar and it fits perfectly :D 

Next to talk about is my "Follow Me On" button. Isn't it look adorable (>///<) hehe, this would be easier for people to follow me on any of the site with just one click away :) I like ribbon as well so that basically explain my mouse cursor as you enter my blog. 

In short I have to admit that I like cute things on my blog so readers can read and admire it as the same time, hehehe, hence all the cute things on my blog. Even my fonts are kinda cute :)  

Yours truly, 

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