Thursday, October 24

Invitation To Indocafe Caffe Latte Launch

I got an invitation from Think Workshop Sdn. Bhd to Indocafe Caffe Latte Launch this upcoming 2nd November 2013. This is my first invitation and I am really looking forward to it especially the new product that Indocafe is about to launch.

This is the company's logo 

And my invitation ^^

I am attending as a media and of course for blog purpose :D To be true I'm a bit excited about this cause it is my first time to attend as a media XD Since the launch is happening on weekends, why don't you come down and witness this launch, not forgetting there will be tasting and food serving as well!! 

See you there!! 

Yours truly, 


Rungitom said...

Cool! I'll be going too, see you there then. :)

Chisuki Hana said...

See ya soon XD