Sunday, January 4

Miss Scuba Sabah 2014

Hello readers, it has been a long time since my last update! This post is so last year (well, it is) but another worth story to post :D This is my first time ever I got in as a top 3 for any pageant I've been in and I hope I will be able to imporve myself more and win as a winner someday. This is one of the shortest pageant week I've been but each day is full of learning and meeting up people. 

So I get straight to the point, as the final approach there are 3 rounds to go namely bikini (but covered our body with batik from Olumis Batik), talent and finally dress (it's not an evening dress but you will see it soon). And here's the first round . . . 

First round will always be the introduction part

After the first round is done, moving on to second round which is talent. While waiting, a few subsidiary tittles was given and I am grateful and thankful that I manage to get subsidiary for Miss Photogenic.

subsidiary tittle: Miss Photogenic

As the second round started, it was my turn to showcase my talents after a few contestants.

Singing Don't Know Why I didn't Come by Norah Jones. At first I wanted to play sompoton (traditional music instrument) but the sompoton broke and this is my last minute preparation for the talent. But from what I've been through, in the end it's worth it as I was announce as Miss Talent for another subsidiary tittle. 

Subsidiary tittle: Miss Talent

As the second round is finished, the atmosphere started to heat up for the last round and the announcement of top 4. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to be at top 4 cause there are 4 more contestants that are taller than me but I'm very thankful that I made it ( Thanked God :D )

I love this dress but it make my hips look bigger but 
my hips are that big so okay.. 

Top 4 and Q&A session. I recycle my 
asnwer from pre-judging as my topic during the judging is 
the same as the question I picked. I should've expand my 
answer more but its a great experince :D

Lastly, the announcement of the winners. From left to right, Dewina (2nd Runner Up), Jane Ho (Winner), Ikki Tan (1st Runner Up) and Janet Fabian (3rd Runner Up)

All Miss Scuba contestans 2014

Top 3 

I hope that in 2015, there are more to come :D Wish me best of luck!!

Yours truly,

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