Monday, November 2

Live Telecast On Channel Astro 180 (TVi) Kami Bah Ni

Last Tuesday I was given the opportunity by Swepp Academy to be their model in show casting their fashionable and unique product. The purpose for this live telecast is to portray what their talented skills associates can offer for those who are willing to learn and may become an entrepreneurs in the future. I am honoured to be part of this telecast which I got the chance to potray not only myself as a model but also become another platform for me to move forward.

And the session started. Inside one of the studio in RTM (my first time being here).

When our session is on. Mrs. Mary Jim explaining about their new product and beside her sitting
is one of the academy trainer. 

The accessories (MJ by Mus) I was holding is a clutch on my hand and the other one is a color around my neck. 

Appeared on Tvi

My looks on that day:
Makeup by Marcella (One of trainer at Swepp Academy)
The makeup looks just nice and natural :D

After the telecast ended, I manage to take a wefie with Richard Chai,
 the host during the telecast of Kami Bah Ni.  

People who are involve for on the telecast last Tuesday.

I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitute to Mrs. Mary Jim and Mrs. Aura Lee for giving me such opportunity. Not forgetting people who are also involve on that day in making the telecast a success, Ms. Florence John, Penerbit Rancangan Tv, Mr. Richard Chai, the host and as well the RTM crew that present during the telecast. 

Last but not least, any of you who are interested with the accessories and would like for further viewing of it, you may attend the event that will be held on the 7th November 2015 which is My Skills Fair 2015 at Industri Latihan Perindustrian. This program is under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, and also a big thank you to them for giving this opportunity to Swepp Academy. Come and join us there!!! 

Yours Truly,

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