Tuesday, December 23

Gokusen 3

Yeah!! Finally I'm done watching Gokusen 3 and this drama is AWESOME!!...for me lah. Besides, it's funny (even my dad laugh watching it) and its full of moral values and guidance that people should realize especially a student since this drama is about a high school life. I don't feel disgusted about Takaki Yuya acting tough in this drama, yeah it's odd but I kind of like it when he act tough and all that, not forgetting Hahuma Miura who acted as Kazama Ren. I was amazed seeing his cool hair and cute smile...hohohoho (mengalahkan Daiki lagi tu..damn). By the way, Suzai, sorry to say this but...perasaan kau saja tu geli tinguk c Takaki act tough...kan2..WAKAKAKA!!! I going to watch this drama all over again!!

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