Wednesday, December 10

Untitled story. Part One.

This is a story made by me and I still don't have a suitable title for it since I decided to make a novel out of it. I've been writing for a long time now and still can't finish it up because I read it all over again and make some changes of the story line to make it more fun and interesting to read. I been working the rest of the part right now. Well, here's the first part..enjoy~ after reading it tell me what do you think about the first part...

Its been about two years since I’ve been in Japan studying. I was standing in front of a billboard on a cold winter day, starring at a poster of my favorite Japanese pop group called Hey!Say! JUMP. All of them were guys. I looked at the face of a group member that I admired the most, named Arioka Daiki. Just a glance at him can ease my troubled mind and feels like I’m flying in my own world. After a few minutes of looking at the poster, I turned around and saw Daiki standing just in front of me talking to his friends Yaotome Hikaru, Inoo Kei and Yabu Kota, who were in the same group as him. “I can’t believe I’m dreaming in a middle of a day light!” talking to myself in anger. I turned my back and looked again to see if it was them, and it was. “Okay...this is not a dream”.

Looking at them talking to each other made me feel anxious and it made me feel even more anxious when I noticed that they were just standing a few feet from me. When they started walking, I followed them silently like a shadow from behind. Time passed by slowly but surely without realizing we were already in front of a big studio where they’ll be recording their new video clip. I went inside, quietly without them noticing my present and hid at the corner of the studio and tried to find Daiki.

Then I felt someone tapping on my shoulder again and again and again, I got a bit annoyed and say in pressured “could you please stop doing that”. But I didn’t look back to see who I was talking to. Then I heard voices from the back saying,

“Who is she”

“How should I know, why don’t you ask her”

“She looks cute

I was shocked when I heard the word ‘cute’ because it doesn’t really suit me, then I turned to see who I was talking to. It was a speechless moment, seeing the four person I saw earlier standing behind and looking at me with their big clear eyes. Soon after that, Yabu started talking.

“Hello, what’s your name”

I looked at him while pointing at myself and asked,


“Yeah, you. Don’t tell me you forgot your own name just because you see us”

“ I don’t,I can remember my name very well.”

“What’s your name then?” Daiki asked impatiently.

I was going to tell my name to them but before I had the chance to do so, a sound of footstep was heard and it distract our attention. We turned around and saw the rest of the members are heading towards us.

“Where have you guys been, I’ve been looking all over for you” said Takaki in a childish way.

Hikaru smiled and said “ Sorry for being late but look what we found.” Sounding so excited. “A girl!” He shouted while pointing at me. Ryutaro looking at me with his eyes full of curiosity.

“That’s strange...she’s not screaming.”

“Is it really necessary for her to scream” asked Daiki.

“But it’s a common thing for a girl to scream when they see us, especially a FAN!”


All of them looked at me and Ryutaro continued talking

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