Wednesday, December 3

Goodbye Friends~

FINALLY SPM IS OVER!!!!!(>0<).. I finish about 2 days ago on 1st december and on that night we're having our class party or should I say dinner at Kenny Rogers, Centre Point. Here's are some memorable picture that I want to share with you guys....(^-^).

Hmm~how appetizing..

My class teacher and me

My Best Friends (Lana,Suzainie and Precious)..bye-bye (T-T)

More FRIENDS~~ (Suzainie, Precious, Lana, Rowena and Ong)

Precious and Suzainie... Suzai's face is funny and scary..

bye-bye sigu...

My high school life is finally over, eventhough I'm happy I finished my high school life though inside of me there a sad heart that can't be calm. I WILL miss all of my friends, right now I can still feel the pain leaving all the good times and memories we all had. I HOPE I'll see them again in the future. GOOD LUCK AND GOODBYE TO ALL MY FRIENDS.....(T-T)..


ShadesOfPurple said...

Don't worry.Your sadness will be over very very soon and once you are in college, you will not want to revisit your high school years anymore.Trust me.

Sotchai said...

omg!? u like inoo's smile!? Well, that's hard to believe...SERIOUSLY.
XD lawaknya!