Tuesday, December 9

Operation on a cat..

Last Saturday our cats was sent to Sabah Medical Animal Clinic, if I'm not mistaken..It was located behind Petronas near Luyang(I guest)....I'm not really sure what's the name of the area and now our cat has been barren. Here are some picture of them..the cats I mean. Ahhh,miow... you can't get Pregnant...pity you.

This is Tik short from 'cantik'.She's the prettiest cat in the family. Her character is Blossom in Powerpuff Girl. Haha..

This is Pica, the most active and hyper cat in the family. This picture is like a passport picture to me.

This is Bino, the albino cat. The slowest cat among the three of them. Slowest as in the way she react on certain situation.

Look closely on their stomach..the three of them has the same stomach as this one. Sometimes it hard to play with them cause I think they'll be in pain if I accidentally touch their belly, well I don't touch it purposely of course. Miow.... get well soon...(^-^)..

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