Monday, January 26

Reminiscene Of The Past

My mom found pictures of hers and us at the past time and that’s when I decided to put this in my blog. There’s pictures of my father, sister, brother and me and some of the picture is kinda funny especially my brother (don’t tell him..haha).

This is my brother’s birthday. He’s the one looking at the camera

and I was on his left side. this is funny.

This picture is better than the other one. I don’t know how old is he here but what I do know

is the difference of his size between this and now. I’m not saying his huge, more like average

type. To those who knew him, you can tell the difference.

My brother is the one who has big smile on his face (LOL). The other boy is

my uncle, Jeffrey.

This is my older sister named Daisy.

This is her in primary 5, schooling at St.Theresa's


This is me not knowing my age.

Now this is kinda funny too and this is what I call the 'Asi' face (LOL). Stupid face.

I blame the sun for that (hehehe).

Ahh~ this picture is a bit nicer than before. Look at my legs, so many scars right.

Well, you know active kid should have it (LOL).

My mum with my sister, Daisy.

My father look like someone in Johnny's..well ALMOST but not alike,

or is it just my head messing with my brain, I can't tell.And there's Daisy again.

Well, my dad study overseas and bring my mom and my sister together with him.

This picture is ruined but only a bit la and still can be seen. The one who's wearing

the white shirt with Doraemon on it is my sister, Daisy...

(hey! that shirt supposed to be mine..haha).

The kid who's doing monkey posing is me and the person behind me is my aunt, Nancy.

From left is Daisy (my sis), Nancy (mu aunt) and Wawan or his real name is Pruan (my bro).

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i despise you!!! hahahhahahah